8 Ways to Make Simple Egg White Silk Pempek, the Contemporary Snack You Must Make!

One of the snack menus that are very popular with Indonesian tongues is pempek.

With a savory taste, making this snack much sought after by people.

However, how do you make pempek That simple egg white silk?

If curious? Let’s see the discussion in this article, who knows you might be interested in making this snack at home.

How to Make Simple Egg White Silk Pempek?

egg white silk pempek

The method of making egg white silk pempek is actually almost the same as pempek in general.

However, the main ingredients used are egg whites, of course, along with fish from the sea as well.

Or it could be with freshwater fish that are widely available in local markets and modern markets.

No need to linger anymore, let’s see the discussion until the end, so you can make this snack at home.

Materials Used To Make Silk Pempek

Actually the main ingredients of food Pempek Silk is not too difficult to get.

Therefore, it is better to make this food menu at home.

The main ingredients are:

– 500 ml egg white

– Wheat flour 25 g

– 25 gr sago flour

– 2 cloves of garlic

– Salt to taste

– Adequate flavoring

– Vegetable oil

– 2 medium sized scallions (chopped)

How to Make Egg White Silk Pempek

1. First, mix the egg whites and scallions, until everything is combined and there are no lumps.

2. Next, add flour, sago, salt, and also flavoring, stir the dough until evenly distributed.

3. After that, you can add vegetable oil and scallions earlier.

4. Then, put the dough into a plastic bag, after that you can boil it with boiling water until the dough is cooked.

5. If it is cooked and has a certain elasticity, then let it rest for a few minutes.

6. Heat the oil first, then cut it according to the size and taste of the dough earlier.

7. If it is, then fry it until the pempek dough is golden brown.

8. If the pempel dough is perfectly cooked, it can be served with the addition of a spicy vinegar sauce.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to make simple egg white silk pempek.

This snack or food menu is very suitable to be eaten at the time of gathering together with your beloved family.

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That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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