9 Balinese Souvenirs That You Must Buy When Visiting the Island of the Gods


Who does not know Bali as a major tourist destination which is already very popular in Indonesia and even the world. Every year, the number of tourist visits, both domestic and foreign, always experiences a significant increase.

Many things can be found in Bali, not only tourismbut also uniqueness distinctive culture and people.

Well, if you visit Bali, it’s not complete if you don’t buy Balinese souvenirs for family, friends and loved ones.

There are many recommendations for typical Balinese souvenirs that you can choose when visiting Bali, here are some of them:

Typical Balinese Souvenirs Udeng

Similar to the blangkon as a typical Javanese headband, in Bali there is also a headband that Balinese people can use on a daily basis known as Udeng. Aside from being a symbol of Balinese male headdress, Udeng also has a meaning as part of a way to focus your mind during activities to be more focused.

Kintamani Coffee

If this one is indeed a mandatory requirement for Balinese souvenirs that must be brought. Yes, Kintamani coffee is one of the characteristics of authentic Balinese coffee which has a natural fruity aroma which is influenced by the contours of the coffee plantations in Bali so that the taste and aroma of Kintamani coffee tends to be rich with fruity aromas.

Milk pie

Pie milk has become a target for tourists not only for Balinese souvenirs but also for daily snacks while in Bali. In fact, several well-known hotels in Bali make milk pie as an appetizer for guests who come to stay at the hotel.

This Balinese milk pie has many choices of flavors ranging from chocolate, cheese to raisins that are soft in the mouth and the aroma is fragrant and very appetizing.

Balinese Jogger

Joger Bali is a signature t-shirt brand known for its imaginative and creative designs and words. Recently, Joger has not only produced t-shirts, but also pants, sandals, and has penetrated into children’s fashion, still by prioritizing the design of words that are funny, distinctive, and worthy of being used as Balinese souvenirs, of course.

Bali Rattan Bag

This rattan bag is also ideal for use as Balinese souvenirs, its contemporary design makes this bag also suitable for work or college because of its unique shape and only available and can be purchased in Bali.

Balinese Bakpia

Who says, bakpia is only available in Yogyakarta, in Bali there is also bakpia with a choice of various flavors ranging from green beans, chocolate, or other modifications of fillings such as cheese or yummy cream cheese.

Balinese Salak

As the name implies, Salak Bali is indeed a typical Balinese fruit which has advantages over other types of salak, such as the savory and thick flesh, and the color of the salak meat which tends to be yellowish and the taste tends to be more acidic. Your friend who likes the natural sour taste of fruits.

Balinese Barong Dress

This Barong shirt is very familiar to the people of Indonesia, the material is soft and not hot plus the tassels on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt plus the barong motif which is typical of Balinese culture makes it more suitable to be used as Balinese souvenirs.

Balinese Fabric

In addition to barong clothes, Balinese fabrics are no less popular in Indonesia. This fabric made of soft satin is perfect for special people as Balinese souvenirs. Besides being able to be used when traveling to the beach, this Balinese cloth is also suitable to be combined as a unique and ethnic skirt.


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