9 Easy and Fast Ways to Check Dapodik Data


Dapodik is one of the important applications for educators and students, because the dapodik data in the dapodik application has been integrated directly with the education unit so that all data and information both educational units, staff educator until students are in one application.

The existence of this dapodik is also very important, especially in the data processing and entry of all elements in the education unit, including school profiles that can be accessed and used for needs related to education in each unit.

Dapodik applications that have been integrated with each other are also very vital in the input process data education at the regional, provincial and national levels.

There are so many uses for dapodik as one of the main instruments for the world of education, because the data and information contained in this basic education data can also be used as a reference in providing allowances and scholarships for students by identifying each student directly, quickly and easily. through dapodik.

There are a number of easy ways in the process of checking dapodik data that have gone through the entry process by the operator of each school. The purposes and interests of checking dapodik data generally vary, one of which is to ensure that data for education units, educators, students and school profiles has been successfully inputted, especially by dapodik operators at the central level.

Dapodik as an application can also be downloaded for free through various platforms or through the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture for the needs of transferring and sending various educational data for each educational unit quickly to the central dapodik by first registering an official account for each education unit by the admin or data operator. the dapodik of each school as the main way to access the dapodik at the central level.

Steps to Check Dapodik Data

Several steps are used to check dapodik data, based on the following steps:

– Access the official dapodik page at On the home page as the main menu of the Dapodik official page, there is various information about data for each educational unit.

– Then select the + icon on the left side of the page display that contains the name of the province you want to check.

– Choose the name of the province according to the data, after that select the area, both district and city that you want to check

– Then click the + icon again on the left side of the page right next to the name of the district or city that you want to check.

– Click again on the sub-district and the name and school number of the education unit. After that, the display will lead to a table of education units equipped with various information.

– If the data that has been inputted by the school dapodik operator is successfully sent, there will be complete information including the delivery time and date of receipt of the data dapodik that has been sent.

– In addition, there is also a special information that informs if the dapodik data has been successfully input into the main dapodik server.

– However, if there is a Conversion Check notification, this indicates that the inputted data is still in the verification and synchronization process by the dapodik central server.

– Meanwhile, if the dapodik display is still empty or does not exist, this is a sign if the data input process has not been sent or was not sent successfully.


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