About Microsoft 365 Education? And a Short Explanation!


Many do not know the usefulness of the latest Microsoft product, which is named Microsoft 365 education. Because the product is new, many people don’t know its true use.

Actually this service is cloud-based, so basically this service can be used only using the internet. That’s why this service is not very popular in Indonesia because the spread of the internet is not evenly distributed.

Microsoft 365 Education in Indonesia

Microsoft 365 Education

In Indonesia alone, Microsoft 365 Education is not as popular yet Microsoft Usually, this is because the service only uses internet services, so people in Indonesia are lazy to use it.

How not because internet services are not evenly distributed, even in remote areas it has not been fully fulfilled.

Therefore this product service is not as popular as the service provided by Microsoft before.

Uses of Microsoft 365 Education

Actually, the uses of Microsoft are very many, because users can write, draw and also convey their material or writing easily. Therefore, its uses are also very many and beneficial for its users.

Benefits That You Can Get When Using Microsoft 365 Education

Users can have a number of accesses such as doc, docx, and many more. so those of you who use this service can access office software easily and can use it for work related to it.

Disadvantages of Microsoft 365 Education

We know this service uses an internet base for its use, therefore you must also use an internet connection to access it.

Actually, this deficiency can be minimized with the offline features offered, but Microsoft itself has not yet updated these features.

Hopefully the latest update from Microsoft 365 Education can use offline features in the future.

How To Access This Microsoft 365!

Actually to access service This is given convenience, therefore, consider the following reviews.

  1. You can go to the Office 365 Education site.
  2. Then there is an available column, you can enter an active email address.
  3. Click get started.
  4. Choose your profession.
  5. Click sign in.
  6. Then the code will be entered into your own email address.

How to Use Microsoft 365

You don’t need to think about things that you don’t understand, the point is that using Microsoft 365 is the same as using ordinary Microsoft.

So you can create tables in Excel just like Microsoft in general, other than that you will be given features related to this.

Can Microsoft 365 be used offline?

For now, the service is still based on on lineso you can’t use the service offline.

However, it is possible that Microsoft will also update its newest feature. Hopefully this service can be accessed offline.

That’s a brief explanation of Microsoft 365 Education, as well as some of the benefits and drawbacks that users get.

How are you interested in using this service? if interested, just access it via chrome or Microsoft online based on the internet, yes.

That’s all for our explanation and we apologize profusely if we have said something wrong or something else. Hopefully in the future we as writers are given the convenience to provide information to loyal friends of this website.

Samoai see you again, and always take care of your health. Because health is very important!

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