Actually Steak Comes From Which Country? Stuff About Steaks and Their Delicacy!


Maybe many don’t know, which country does steak actually come from? And why this food is so much loved by everyone.

Because of that question, News Reference will summarize some interesting things about steak and its deliciousness. If curious? Let’s see the review in the following article.

Which Country Does Steak Come From?

steak comes from the country

If anyone asks which country does steak come from? We must know the history first, in the 15th century steak was eaten by many people in the Middle Ages.

Steak itself comes from the Scandinavian language, namely steak, which in the big dictionary means grilled thick slices of meat.

So this steak comes from the west which means big meat grilled with spices to add to its delicacy.

Things About Steak and Its Delicacy

steak comes from the country

Steak meat is usually cut thick and given a little sprinkling of spices, but the Indonesian tongue itself turns out to be intolerant of meat the fishy one.

Therefore, many restaurants in Indonesia serve steak with added spices to adjust the tongue.

Initially, this steak was made from fresh venison. However, due to the rarity of the animal, the steak was gradually replaced with farm beef.

In addition to not disturbing the population of the deer itself, beef on farms is also more guaranteed quality and is not exposed to harmful bacteria.

So that beef curd is very popular in western countries, even Indonesia itself is also adapting to it.

Usually this steak is eaten and eaten with loved ones, so it is suitable for a romantic dinner menu with a legal partner.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a little explanation of what country steak comes from? As well as interesting things related to the delicacy of this food called steak.

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