Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Brilink Agent and 6 Types of Transactions at Brilink

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is known as one of the most innovative state banks, especially in conducting partnership programs with the community.

The partnership program by becoming a Brilink agent has been successful until now, even the public’s interest in becoming a Brilink agent has never subsided in various regions in Indonesia.

Becoming a Brilink agent is indeed proven to give profit for both parties. Bank BRI has succeeded in increasing the number of customers and increasing the amount of money saved in this state-owned bank.

While the benefits of the community who become agents are of course the advantages of each transaction carried out in their place as agents of this bank.

Bank BRI continues to strive to improve the welfare of the community through programs such as becoming an agent of this bank.

Brilink Agent Supports Officeless Bank Program

So that with the guarantees owned by Bank BRI, it will increase public confidence to become Brilink agents.

This Brilink service was created with the aim of succeeding in the branchless banking program initiated by the government and run as a mainstay service from BRI.

That way, any transactions or public financial affairs can be done anywhere through agents they can reach.

The government through Bank Indonesia has initiated this officeless bank service since 2012.

The initiation of this branchless banking service is a new breakthrough that fully utilizes digital technology through a completely online-based service to make it easier for BRI customers.

Service at Brilink Agent

Brilink agents spread to remote areas serve all financial transaction activities without delay, meaning that all transactions through Brilink agents have real time standards.

To support transaction activities at these agents. Bank BRI provides a special tool, namely an EDC machine such as an ATM swipe tool to make transactions.

Types of Transactions at Brilink Agent

Each agent is like a BRI cash office that serves all transactions needed by customers, namely;

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Cash deposit
  3. Payment
  4. Refill phone balance
  5. Purchase of electricity tokens
  6. Insurance payments, leasing or other real time transactions

Every transaction made by a customer at a bank agent will be subject to a transaction fee. The transaction fee is the agent’s profit through fee sharing cooperation.

Weaknesses of Being a Brilink Agent

Behind the many advantages of being an agent of this bank, there are also disadvantages of being an agent of this government-owned bank, despite the fact that until now, public interest in becoming a brilink agent is quite high, especially in remote areas where there is still minimal access to ATM machines.

The following are the disadvantages or disadvantages of being an agent:

Save Funds Can’t Be Disturbed

When applying to become an agent, customers are required to deposit a guarantee fund of IDR 3 million in a BRI savings account. These funds are used as collateral for the use of the EDC machine. These funds cannot be disturbed or withdrawn as long as you are an agent.

Need Big Capital

To be able to become a bank agent, of course, you do not only have capital funds, but you also have to have the capital to rent a place, especially in strategic areas so that customers can easily access them. Meanwhile, renting a place in a strategic area is generally expensive.

Minimum Transaction Target

BRI provides a minimum transaction limit of 200 transactions per month. If they do not meet the target, each agent will be penalized.

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