Android Video Editing Application Without Watermark


When you want to edit videos to make them cooler on Android, of course you need a video editing application. Now there are many video editing applications on Android without a watermark. Read more on this page.

Many video editing applications that you can download through the play store. Starting from paid applications to free. If you don’t have much money, then you can use the mod version (modification)

Editing videos is now not difficult anymore, you only use a smartphone which really helps beginners to be creative and upload the results to social media.

Android Video Editing Application Without Watermark

We recommend using a video editing application with a premium version. But there is nothing wrong if you use the mod version.

Here are some examples of video editing applications on Android phones without a watermark with the mod version:

Video Editing App with CapCut Pro

The CapCut Pro application has been widely known by the general public because of its easy setup process via Android. Even in this application you can find many functions for editing videos.

CapCut is the most widely used application. This is because of the many functions available. Even the functions of the CapCut application that do not necessarily belong to other applications. Therefore, this is what makes this app even more popular.

Filmora Go

FilmoraGo is the best video editing application that many people use, because this application is relatively easy to use with various advanced features that can make your edits look professional.

You can edit videos, music, create movies and share video results with your friends, you can also use this app.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip users know that this application is only available for PC devices. You need to know that Adobe is currently preparing its best video editing application for Android.

Currently there is a premiere already available on the Smartphone version. It’s just that Adobe Premiere is a mobile version that can’t be as complete as the PC version.

This application also has capabilities that are “similar” to the PC version, namely basic capabilities such as cutting clips, adding effects, music, transitions, and others.

Video Show

This Video Show editing app is one of the most famous video editing apps. In fact, almost all users use this application. VideoShow has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Play Store and has a good 4.5 rating.

The available functions are no less interesting than other applications. The basic functions of the Video Show editing application such as cutting, adding clips, music, transitions and effects.

Inshot Video Editor

Inshot is a mobile application that is perfect for video editing needs, both for YouTube videos and posting on Instagram.

This application is available on Android and IOS, and of course you can use this application for free and render the video without a watermark.

Apart from that, there are other features of this application, namely making collages (combining several photos into one), and features for editing images. So not only for video editing, Inshot can also be used to edit images.

How to use it is also not too difficult, it looks neat so anyone who has just tried this application will not be confused. And each feature has been explained with its names, such as cut, music, text and others.

Power Director

You can use the PowerDirector application for professional video editing. The available functions are in accordance with video editing application standards.

Best of all, with the PowerDirector app, you can also edit green screen videos to change the background of the video you want to edit.

VN Video Editor

The video editor application that is no less cool is VN, this application can be used like a professional, because the features offered are very complete and complete.

Its use is also not complicated, because there are guides or tutorials in this application. In addition, the most important thing is that the video edits in this application can be adjusted for resolution, from 540p to 4K.

It also depends on the quality of the raw video that you edit in this application.

This VN is suitable for videos with story ig, story wa, or for editing youtube videos. Because the admin himself uses the VN application for the purposes of youtube content, and the results are very satisfying.

Oh yes, VN is available on IOS and Android, so users of these 2 OS can still experience this application for video editing needs.

Video Editing App with KineMaster

The KineMaster application is a video editing application on Android that is very good like you as a professional editor.

You can also use the KineMaster app for free with a watermark. If you want to have video editing features that are cooler and original, then upgrade to the premium version. That way all the features will be open freely for you from kinemaster premium.

Although there are already circulating premium Kinemaster applications with mod versions on the internet. You can still add or combine several options from each layer and include splitting like the original premium.

These are some best video editing app which you can use to edit on your Android phone

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