Aspects of Assessment, Technical Preparation to Periodization in SKP 2021


After the issuance of PermenPAN-RB Number 8 of 2021, the process of filling out the SKP or Employee Performance Targets, especially for teacher must refer to the rules set out in the latest ministerial regulation which will take effect from July 1, 2021.

As one of the main components in evaluating the performance of educators as well as the basis for teachers to get promotions, the process of filling out the SKP in 2021 must have a description of activities measured by quantity and their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the stipulated time limit.

In the 2021 employee performance targets, there are indeed a number of differences in several things ranging from assessments, credit scores and the performance of each teacher, both teachers who are homeroom teachers, eye teachers. lessonBK teachers to teachers who get additional assignments.

Performance appraisal is viewed from two main aspects, namely: SKP and behavior. These two aspects are very influential in terms of evaluating the work performance of all elements of education starting from the principal, teachers and teachers who get additional assignments.

And, every work evaluation is carried out by considering the time limit so that the objectivity of the assessment can be carried out in a professional manner so that the results of the performance appraisal can be used as a reference in making as well as planning directly related to promotions and appropriate allowances.

Technically, the preparation of employee performance targets for 2021, including for teachers, is regulated and must refer to PermenPAN-RB Number 3 of 2021 through the SKP application which has been officially provided for class teachers, BK teachers and subject teachers. In addition, this application also in 2021 is also intended for teachers who get additional appropriate assignments.

2021 SKP Preparation Period

In PermenPAN-RB Number 3 of 2021, the technical preparation of employee performance targets for 2021 is regulated by dividing them into two periods, namely: January – June period and July – December period.

In the first period from January to June, the assessment of employee performance targets must have been set at the end of January with reference to the Regulation of the Head of BKN No. 1 of 2013 concerning the provisions and implementing regulations of PP No. 46 of 2011 regarding the assessment of the work performance of the apparatus.

Meanwhile, in the second period or July – December, it must be determined no later than the end of July with reference to Government Regulation Number 30 of 2019 concerning the performance appraisal of the apparatus.

SKP 2021 Assessment Flexibility

In PermenPAN-RB Number 8 of 2021, flexibility in the achievement of activity results is also regulated, if if it cannot be measured in the January – June period, the measurement can be carried out again in the next period.

That way the process of assessing the achievement of the results of activities regulated in the 2021 SKP is more flexible even though it has no effect on the weight of the scores obtained for individual teachers.

Work Performance Assessment Weight

The results of the assessment or value weights are obtained from the combination of the values ​​in the SKP and the values ​​in performance behavior, with an accumulated weighted score of 60 percent. While the rest or 40 percent is obtained from the value of performance behavior.

The process of evaluating performance behavior must consider two indicators, namely the opinion of colleagues who have the same rank and direct subordinates of the civil servant.

Integration of 2021 SKP Assessment Results

The performance value in 2021 is achieved by combining or integrating the results of the performance appraisal of civil servants for the two periods or in January – June and July – December which was carried out in February 2022.

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