Benefits of Printing Plastic Bags to Support Product Promotion


Plastic bags are the most widely used packaging today. The use of plastic bags is considered more practical and has strong durability.

Although it is considered as one of the most difficult wastes to decompose and is not friendly to the environment, the demand for plastic in society remains high because the price is relatively cheap and can be used for various needs.

Recently, the function of plastic is not only as packaging, but also has a role as a medium promotion which is quite effective until finally many industries, both food and beverage as well as the fashion industry, use bags as the fastest means of product promotion to reach the public or consumers.

Along with the high demand for plastic, the demand for plastic bag printing also increases.

The definition of plastic bag printing is the process of transferring designs, both logos and writings, into plastic media through special tools, either in the form of screen printing or by machine.

The purpose of plastic printing is as a promotional media as well as information that is closely related to increasing sales of its main products.

Currently, there are many plastic printing services of various types, both done manually or through a printing process using a machine.

Both have their own advantages, for example, printing plastic media by screen printing the results look neater and the ink used is special ink so that the printouts will be more durable.

Likewise, plastic printing through a machine process, the level of color density will also be more diverse with the number of color variations that can be more than two colors.

Another advantage of printing plastic bags through these two processes is that the service costs are relatively cheap, so they do not increase production costs.

The use of plastic as product packaging can be applied to various needs, such as for clothing packaging needs for boutique products or distributions, for packaging plant seeds, and for packaging bakery food products to food ingredients such as rice sacks.

The main function of printing plastic media for various types of businesses is to introduce products so that consumers can find out more quickly and are very effective in increasing sales of these products.

Here are some examples of plastic prints that are currently found on the market:

Print Plastic Bags for Boutique

Print pouches for boutiques are indeed made to look more luxurious and classy to match the clothing products of the boutique.

In addition, plastic for boutiques also has better quality with a thick type of plastic so that it is more exclusive and looks different from other competitors.

Print Plant Seed Plastic Bags

Plastic printing for plant seeds is usually special because it is to maintain the quality of the seeds in the bag packaging. In addition, the process and materials for printing the plastic media also do not have a direct influence on plant seeds.

Considering that plant seeds are a product that is prone to death or cannot grow, therefore the type of plastic bag printing is attempted to use materials that do not have a contamination effect or are mixed with plant seeds.

The print design of plant seed plastic media is also generally kept simple and focuses more on plant seed information such as how to use it, expiration date, storage method and good temperature for plant seeds when they are packaged in plastic bags.

Print Plastic Bags for Food or Bread

Plastic media print designs for food or bread usually contain promotional elements and information that includes product logos, product advantages, materials used until the expiration date of the food or bread product in it.

The prints of plastic media for food are also made more hygienic so that the food inside is not affected by outside influences. This type of packaging is also thicker and generally colorless or transparent. (mz)


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