Burn Aware, the Most Recommended CD Burn Software and 3 Types


The use of compact discs is still common to store files and other documents based on films and photos, because film storage using discs is recognized as having better image quality. To facilitate the combustion process files to CD (burning) there are a number of programs that are very familiar, one of which is the Burn Aware software.

At first glance, Burn Aware is no different from other programs for copying files on your computer to a compact disc (CD). However, this software has different advantages when compared to similar programs that still seem conventional.

In addition to features such as burning CDs for files such as videos, music, photos, documents to images, Burn Aware is also equipped with system boot and multisession so files that are ready to be burned can be easily undone.

Not only that, if most burning programs of this kind take a relatively long time to burn a disc. So, in contrast to this CD burn software, which requires a relatively short time even to burn large files though.

How to use this software is also fairly easy, even for novice users, because this software deliberately maximizes features by minimizing too many features so that it confuses users.

All features are presented in one main menu display when this software is first opened.

This software is also equipped with compatible devices when a solid disc that is burned via CD burn is about to be opened.

There are many choices of file types that can be used in software tailored to the needs of users such as; IDE, SATA and USB. So, when the disc is finished burning, the disc can be used immediately and adjusted to the file extension.

In addition, the storage methods also vary from CD-R/RW, DVD-RW, HD DVD-RW or DVD RAM. Although generally, the type of file used is predominantly DVD-RW, whose burning quality is much better and lasts longer.

This CD burn software has three versions of software that users can choose according to their needs, namely;

Burn Aware Free

This software also offers a free version through the free version but of course with very limited features, such as; burn CDs, rip CDs or DVDs, and burn a large number of CDs or DVDs, creating bootable ISO images.

Burn Aware Premium

Unlike the free one, the premium version of the software has another advantage, namely repairing unreadable files or documents from disks.

Burn Aware Professional

In the Professional version, Burn Aware is equipped with the ability to burn ISO images on several drives simultaneously.

With the simultaneous burning feature, it will obviously be very efficient in terms of operation. In addition, when the CD burning process takes place, users can use other programs even though the burning process is in progress.

In addition, of course Burn Aware Professional users are given permission to use this software for commercial purposes.

With a commercial license in the professional version, it will be needed, especially for corporations who want to access Burn Aware without having to worry about licenses.

However, most users of the Burn Aware software prefer the free version which is already equipped with many adequate features that are suitable for burning needs.

In addition, this software also does not require large storage space. This software can even be operated portable considering that this program is not used too often.

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