Can Absorb Dirt! 4 Functions of a Small Hose in an Aquarium Pump that You Must Know!


Maybe many of your friends are still wondering what is the function of a small hose on an aquarium pump? For this reason, we will discuss it in the following article.

So keep reading this article until it runs out, what are the functions of the small hose on the aquarium pump?

What are the functions of a small hose in an aquarium pump?

small hose function on aquarium pump

Indeed, the function of the small hose on the aquarium pump varies, depending on the hole as well. Therefore, for those of you who really want to make an ideal aquarium, then read this article to the end!

1. The First Hole

The first hole serves to remove and produce air bubbles in the water. The second hole serves to absorb dirt or even food debris contained in the aquarium.

2. Second Hole

In this second hole there is usually accessories In addition, it is conical in shape, its function is to prevent fish from being sucked into the filter machine. If your aquarium remains small, you will need to include additional accessories. So we don’t have to worry, if the fish is sucked into the filter machine.

3. The Third Hole

Furthermore, the third hole serves to remove dirt or food debris contained in the aquarium. So, after all the dirt is sucked up it will be released through this third hole.

In this third hole, there is also an additional accessory, namely the usually blue hose filter as shown in the image above. Attach the hose to the third hole. And don’t forget to attach the hose to the filter box.

So, all the dirt sucked in the second hole, will be released directly from the third hole to the filter box. Well, this in the filter box all the dirt will be filtered first. So, making a water aquarium is not easily dirty. It is also seen, planting carpet seeds without fertilizer can grow

4. Fourth Hole

Lastly is the fourth hole. Yes! It is smaller than three holes. There is also a main function of this fourth small hole to suck air. So, the first hole can release air bubbles.

In order for the air to be sucked in, we must install additional accessories in the form of an air hose. This air hose is smaller in diameter, almost the size of the pipette diameter.

Conclusion and Closing!

small hose function on aquarium pump

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding what is the function of the small hose on this aquarium pump? And a full discussion.

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