Can Organize Document Pages! Here it is 5 Insert Functions on the Microsoft Word Menu!


In Microsoftword there is an insert function menu which is very useful for tidying up the writing that we are making.

So you could say if we want to tidy up a piece of writing or type something, then the insert function is really needed. So what are the other functions contained in the menu?

insert function

If you are still confused about the insert function on this Microsoftword menu? Then we will provide a more detailed explanation for you to understand. So watch it till the end!

1. Organizing Document Pages

cover page

Enter theme format for cover document.

Blank page

Add a blank page to the current document.

page break

Move writing to a new page.

If the page is blank add a new blank sheet of paper. In the page break we move the writing to a new sheet of paper.

2. Inserting Tables


Insert tables either manually, available templates or through other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

3. Adding Some Illustrations

Taking pictures

Put the image in the computer folder.


Add simple/basic images like squares, circles, triangles and so on.


Insert the icon from the image available in the Microsoft Word program. For example, people, technology and animal icons.

3D Models

Enter the 3D model on the computer into the Word program.

4. Adding Extensions

Get add-ins

Add presence or other features such as emoticons, wikipedia, and other applications outside the Word program.

My add-ins

View the presence, features, and applications we have installed on the Word software.


Add information sourced from Wikipedia.

5. Can Insert Online Videos

Online videos

Enter online videos such as YouTube by entering the URL.

Conclusion and Closing!

insert function

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the insert function on this Microsoftword menu.

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