Car AC Hissing? Know the Cause and Solution!


When the air conditioner is turned on, the freon coming from the compressor travels through the small opening of the expansion valve, causing a hiss. Usually, the hissing sound will disappear when the AC fan has turned perfectly. This sound is fairly normal as long as the AC is running normally. If the car air conditioner hisses but does not provide cold air to the cabin, this condition should be suspected.

The unnatural hiss marks the presence of an AC component that is not working optimally. If this condition is left unchecked, it is not impossible that the components inside will rust and be damaged. Replacing damaged components is not cheap. Before this happens, find out the cause of the hissing sound coming from the car air conditioner and find a solution to solve it immediately.

A Sizzling Car Air Conditioner Arises from Some of These Problems

In addition to disturbing concentration while driving, the air conditioner that hisses and does not emit cold air will make the cabin feel hot and uncomfortable. It seems difficult to find a solution to deal with a hissing AC if the cause is not known. Some of the possible causes are:

1. Dirty Evaporator

When the car air conditioner hisses, checking the evaporator can be the main step to find out the cause. The evaporator itself is one of the components of the air conditioner which is in charge of storing freon gas after being processed by the compressor. If the evaporator is too dirty, a hissing sound to annoying noise can appear.

2. Freon gas runs out

Why is the AC sizzling and not cooling? Maybe this indicates that the freon gas in the air conditioner is running out. When you run out of freon gas, other car AC components cannot work optimally. That way, the air conditioner cannot provide cold air and instead makes a hissing sound.

3. Sensor thermistor Damaged

Volume of air that enters through blower will be detected by a component called sensor thermistor. If this component is damaged, the volume calculation will be inaccurate. In this condition, the compressor must work extra and the freon circulation will run faster, causing hiss.

Solving the Problem of Hissing Sound in Car AC

After checking, it was found out where the hissing sound came from in the car air conditioner. Of course the cause of the hiss cannot be ignored and must be corrected immediately. Based on each cause, the following solutions can be run:

1. Clean Evaporator Components

This one solution can be run if the cause of the car ac hissing sound is a dirty evaporator. Disassemble part by part of the AC components so that the evaporator can be reached. If you are worried that you will make mistakes when you do it yourself, asking for help from a more expert can be an option, such as taking it to a repair shop for the cleaning process.

2. Refill Freon Gas in AC

After checking the car ac hissing sound and it turned out that the freon gas stock was running low, the only thing to do was to refill the gas. Freon gas can vary according to the type of car air conditioner being driven. Take the car to a repair shop and let the professionals do the refilling.

3. Check All Car AC Components

Sometimes cleaning the evaporator until the cabin filter does not also make the hissing sound on the car air conditioner stop. If this happens, there is most likely damage to the AC components. Take the car to the nearest repair shop for a thorough inspection. The mechanic will inform you regarding AC problems or recommend doing tune-up at the car doctor.

That’s the intricacies yet related to the AC problem car hissing sound and its solutions. Do not underestimate the slightest problems that arise because if left unchecked, greater damage can occur. Likewise, a hissing car air conditioner must be checked immediately before the damage eats away at the car’s components.

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