Car Brake Pad Replacement Fee and Sign To Replace

Vehicle brake lining is the most important part in a car engine. Car owners will also understand how important it is to keep these parts in good condition. If this part is damaged, the cost of replacing the car’s brake pads can be very expensive. Especially if it has been damaged for a long time and the situation is allowed to get worse.

The brake pads are directly connected to the car’s braking system. Both the braking system behind and in front of the car. This is what makes this section very important because it greatly affects the safety of passengers and drivers. The following is a review of the amount of costs that must be incurred, to replace this component.

The Cost of Replacing Car Brake Pads

The cost to replace the canvas itself is actually very dependent on several things. The cost of replacing brake linings can be very expensive or may be affordable. The following is an explanation of several things that affect the amount of the cost of replacing car brake pads.

1. Car Brand and Type

There are various variants and types of brake linings used in different brands and types of cars. Usually, the higher a certain type of car, the less often the brake pads are used. This is what makes the cost of replacing high-end car brake pads more expensive than entry types.

For example, the cost to replace the brake lining on the Toyota Avanza will be cheaper than the Alphard. For Toyota Avanza, the price of the brake lining itself is 455 thousand with a service fee of 100 thousand. So, it only costs 500 thousand. But, for Alphard it could cost twice as much.

2. Damage to the brake pads

The more severe the damage to the brake lining, the more expensive the replacement cost. This is because the damage to the brake lining will also affect the condition of the surrounding components. Damage that is left for a long time and is not replaced immediately can damage other components. Finally, car owners don’t just replace brake pads. But also, the supporting components of the brake lining.

Easy-to-recognize Signs of Brake Pads Needing Replacement

As previously written, brake linings that are left for a long time will damage other components. Therefore, it is better if the car owner immediately replaces the brake pads. Here are some of the most easily recognizable signs. As a benchmark when the car owner should replace the brake lining.

1. There is a squeaking sound when braking

The most easily recognizable sign is a squeaking sound when the car owner applies the brake system. This squealing sound is produced by friction between the brake wear indicator and the brake disc. This brake wear indicator should be attached to the brake lining. However, if there is no brake lining, the brake wear indicator will rub directly against the plate and produce a squeaking sound.

2. Brakes Become Less Grip

canvas sign brake The next thing that is easily recognizable is the brakes that are increasingly not gripping. If the car owner feels a change in the stopping power of the brakes when pressed. Owners are required to check the thickness of the brake lining. If indeed the brake pads run out, they must be replaced immediately, don’t wait for the brake pads to flatten.

That’s an explanation of the cost of replacing car brake pads and signs of worn out car brake pads that are easily recognizable. It turns out that it is not difficult to find out if the brake pads of the car have to be replaced or not. Car owners can check it if the signs described above appear.

If there is damage, the brake lining must be replaced immediately. Don’t wait for the brake pads to get worse. Because the cost will become increasingly swollen and the braking system is getting damaged.

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