Carrying the M Shape Position and its 5 Benefits for Mother and Baby


There are various techniques or positions to hold the baby according to the recommendations and good for the baby. One of them is holding the M Shape position, even with the technique carry This M Shape is very effective in calming a baby who is initially fussy.

Therefore, holding the M Shape position is very liked by mothers, including babies who will feel more comfortable and calm because they are in the mother’s arms directly so that it effectively gives the impression of warmth and affection directly from the mother.

Carrying the M Shape position is also basically not a new carrying technique, in fact it has long been recognized by parents since ancient times, however the M Shape position holding technique is increasingly popular because it is considered good for babies and mothers and is highly recommended by pediatricians and dentists alike. bone specialist.

Carrying the M Shape position is considered the best way of holding because it really helps the growth of the baby’s bone structure, especially in the spine, hip bones to the baby’s feet.

Carrying the M Shape position is carrying baby by bringing the baby’s body and face to the mother’s chest, with the legs slightly apart and making a semicircle at the mother’s waist so that it looks like an M shape, in this case the knee is slightly higher than the baby’s bottom.

Besides being good for babies, there are many benefits that can be obtained if the mother holds her baby in the M Shape position, here are some benefits including:

Effective for Building Baby and Mother Closeness

Carrying the baby in the M Shape position is very good and effective for building the baby’s emotional closeness to his mother. That way, the baby will also feel calmer because he feels comfortable being in his mother’s arms or arms.

Calm Baby

In addition, holding in the M Shape position is also the most powerful way to make a fussy baby calm down immediately when carried in this way, because the baby will feel more protected.

Helping Baby’s Growth

Carrying with the M Shape position is also very good for helping growth and development, especially for the spine in the baby’s body to be more optimal while protecting the overall bone structure in the baby’s body.

Making it easier for mothers to stay active

By holding this M Shape position as well, it allows mothers to continue their activities as usual without having to worry about the position and safety of the baby when holding the M Shape position. This is because, the mother’s hands can still move freely according to their activities even for career women.

Don’t Get Tired Quickly

In some holding positions, the mother will always feel sore quickly because both hands and part of the body, especially the chest, must support the baby’s body, this is different from holding the M Shape position, which will make the mother feel relaxed.

If at first, carrying in the M Shape position more relied on a sling in the form of an elongated sling, now many baby carrier manufacturers have created an M Shape carrier to help ease the burden on mothers when carrying their baby.

With the help of this M Shape carrier, mothers can still carry out activities including work, shopping or sightseeing, some M Shape carriers are even made with a stylish design so that mothers still look fashionable even when they are holding a baby.

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