Sunday , April 21 2024


9 Easy and Fast Ways to Check Dapodik Data

Dapodik is one of the important applications for educators and students, because the dapodik data in the dapodik application has been integrated directly with the education unit so that all data and information both educational units, staff educator until students are in one application. The existence of this dapodik is …

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3 Easy Ways to Screenshot (SS) on Windows and Mac OS Based Laptops

Computer devices, both desktops and laptops, are equipped with a direct screen screenshot (SS) feature without having to use additional applications. And simply use the function keys on the keyboard. At least there are many ways as shortcuts when you want to capture or record images directly quickly and easily, …

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Get to know Blended Learning, its Benefits and 6 Types

The learning model with the concept of Blended Learning is basically a combination of the advantages of learning that is carried out face-to-face and virtually. Blended learning is also a convenience learning which combines various modes of delivery, teaching models, and learning styles, introducing a variety of media options for …

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7 LMS Features and Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Management System

Learning Management System or LMS in general is software designed to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of learning materials. This LMS system can help the teacher to plan and create syllabus, manage learning materials, manage student lecture activities, manage grades, recapitulate absenteeism, display grade transcripts, discuss and conduct quizzes. …

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5 Ways to Create an Online Quiz and its Answers with Google Forms

The development of information technology also has positive benefits, especially for the world of education. This includes when a pandemic occurs, forcing teachers to even make online quizzes, relying on various applications, including Google Forms. The Google Form application is considered more practical and easy to use for making online …

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