Causes and 3 Ways to Fix an Overdrawn Battery on a Car

A low battery is a nuisance for car drivers, especially when traveling. Check out some ways to repair an overdrawn battery on the following car.

Knowing the Cause of an Overdrawn Battery

A low battery can be caused by several things, including the battery has reached its usage limit, has a damaged alternator, and the car has not been used for a long time. Too many accessories on the car also cause the battery short.

How to Repair an Underdrawn Battery in General

In general, there are two ways to deal with a low battery, namely using a battery jumper and pushing the car.

Repairing the battery using a battery jumper is done by placing the transmission lever in the parking position. Then, connect the jumper wires to the battery poles. Then start the car enginejumpers with 1000 rpm gas pedal and starter.

The second method is by pushing the car. The step is to put the lever into 2nd gear, step on the clutch and push the car to speed up. Then, release the clutch pedal.

How to fix a low battery on an automatic car

How to fix an overdrawn battery on an automatic car can be by means of a battery jumper using another car. Install the normal battery in the car by connecting the jumper cables. The jumper wires are connected according to the poles.

After connecting to the normal battery, turn off all the accessories contained in the car. The next step is to start the car again using a normal battery.

When it’s on, reconnect the jumper cable with the dead battery. Run the engine for a few minutes to charge the low battery. Then the car will run normally again.

How to Fix an Overdrawn Battery on a Manual Car

A battery jumper can also be used to repair an overdrawn battery on a manual car. In addition to this method, you can also do how to push a car.

The battery jumper method used in manual cars is the same as in automatic cars. The method of pushing the car can be done by pushing the car quickly so far while stepping on the clutch. If the car is already on then release the clutch slowly.

That’s a review of how to repair an overdrawn battery on a car. Repairing an overdrawn car battery can be done according to the type of car transmission. Avoid things that can cause the battery to run out so that the battery can last longer.

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