Cheap But Not Cheap? Here Are 5 Make Up Recommendations Under 50k That You Must Know!


When we talk about cheap, surely what we have in mind are products that have low quality, especially when we talk about make-up. However, this time we will discuss recommendations related to make up under 50k which is cheap but not cheap.

No wonder, that many people still underestimate the products with low prices, especially for make-up products. This is based on the number of illegal brands that only care about sales rather than quality.

Therefore, many still think that under 50k make-up, the ingredients in it are dangerous.

So what are the recommendations for makeup under 50k that are cheap but not cheap and can be used everyday? Curious isn’t it, let’s look at the following reviews.

What Are 5 Make Up Recommendations Under 50k That Are Cheap But Not Cheap?

make up under 50k

You can buy make-up products under 50k to be used as a support for the appearance especially on the face. Although it is cheap, it is not cheap and the materials used certainly do not contain harmful substances. What are they?

1. Viva eyebrow pencil

These eyebrow pencils are not only affordable but also of very high quality and are often used by well-known makeup artists.

Prices start from IDR 30 thousand

2. Purbasari Color Matte Lipstick

This lipstick from Pursusari immediately soared in the market, not because of its economical cost but because of its quality which is claimed to be able to compete with foreign brands.

Color number 81 is Pursusari’s favorite lipstick color because the lipstick has great pigmentation, so it can last all day, even though the lips always feel moisturised.

Prices start from IDR 30 thousand

3. Wardah EyeXpert Staylast Liquid Eyeliner

This liquid eyeliner from Wardah has a water-resistant recipe and a fairly thick dark color. Another advantage of this eyeliner is that it dries very quickly after use and is easy to clean with water or with a makeup remover.

Prices start from IDR 30 thousand

4. Marcks Venus Loose Powder

Marcks scatter powder is a powder suitable for use by all ages and for any skin tone. This powder can control oil on the face and is very safe to use every day.

Prices start from IDR 40 thousand

5. Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow from Emina consists of 3 different colors in 1 palette. Although categorized as economical, the quality of this product is very safe. Its use is also very easy, just apply this eyeshadow on the eyelids using your fingers or a brush.

Prices start from IDR 30 thousand

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some recommendations for choosing the type of make up under 50k, how do you want to buy it yourself?

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