Check out 3 Ways to Fix an Error Motorcycle Rear Brake Switch

Check out 3 Ways to Fix an Error Motorcycle Rear Brake Switch
Check out 3 Ways to Fix an Error Motorcycle Rear Brake Switch

Check out 3 Ways to Fix an Error Motorcycle Rear Brake Switch – Every engine component in a motor vehicle certainly has a function as a complement to one another. However, what if the rear brake switch on the motorcycle is damaged? Don’t worry, here’s how to easily repair a damaged motorcycle rear brake switch .

The function of the rear brake switch of the motor is to provide an electric current when the brake pedal is pressed. The brake switch can be damaged for a number of reasons. Before buying a new brake switch component , it’s a good idea to repair it first.

Causes of the Brake Switch Error

There are two possibilities for damage to the rear motor brake switch . These defects will trigger the performance and function of the brake switch . What are the possible causes? Check out the following reviews:

1. Brake Switch Age Problem

A possible problem that triggers the rear brake switch is the age of the brake switch itself. Age switches brakes that are too obsolete or old becomes increasingly worn. This causes the spring in the brake switch component to not function optimally.

In this case, usually the brakes will continue to work, because the spring will always be connected to positive and negative electric current. If this is the probable cause, the vehicle owner must replace it with a new device.

2. Problems On Cable System Networks

The second cause that allows this problem to occur is the existence of a series of brake cables that are damaged, peeling, sticking or touching the mass. This problem also needs to be researched first to ensure the correct way of dealing with it.

If this second problem occurs, the vehicle owner can simply reset the position of the brake switch without replacing it with a new one.

How to Fix Motorcycle Rear Brake Switch Error

Motor vehicle users who experience this problem, should follow the steps below to fix it:

1. Release the Brake Switch

The first way to repair the rear brake switch of a motorcycle is to remove the brake switch component first. In this case, a screwdriver or similar tool is needed to disassemble. Remove one by one the bolts that protect the inside of the brake switch . After removing everything, also remove the cable switch section on the rear brake of the motorcycle.

The brake switch that has been disassembled must then be cleaned. Spray using anti-rust liquid on the contacts. This anti-rust fluid also functions as a lubricant. Make sure that the lubricating fluid can remove moisture and can clean the rear brake switch of the motorcycle that was damaged.

2. Brake Switch Function Test

After disassembling the rear motor brake switch is complete, then test its function. Make sure that the previously faulty rear brake switch can recover and function normally. The way to fix the rear brake switch of the motorcycle is to turn the brake switch outwards so that it is close to the motorcycle brake pedal .

Next do the on-off test on the brake system. At the time of testing, the user can step on and release the brake pedal. If the brake light can turn on and off, it means that the brake switch function has returned to normal.

3. Replace the Brake Switch

The next step is to tighten the bolts on the brake switch component as usual. Connect the brake switch cable with the connecting component. Replace and tighten the brake switch bolt .

After the repaired brake switch is reassembled, it means that the damage is not too heavy. Users also do not need to buy a new brake switch .

That’s how to fix a motorcycle rear brake switch that is experiencing an error. First determine the cause, then do the right way to fix it. Hopefully useful and good luck.


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