Check out 4 Ways to Fix an Error Motorcycle Rear Brake Switch


Every engine component in a motorized vehicle certainly has a function as a complement to one another. However, what if switch Is the rear brake on the bike damaged? Don’t worry, here’s how to fix it switch Motorcycle rear brakes are damaged easily.

Function of switch the rear brake of the motorcycle is to deliver electric current when the brake pedal is stepped on. Switch brakes can be damaged due to several things. Before buying components switch new brakes, it’s good to fix it first.

Reason Switch Brake Error

There are two possibilities of damage to the switch rear motorcycle brake. These defects will trigger the performance and function of the switch the brakes. What are the possible causes? Check out the following reviews:

1. Age Problem Switch Brake

Possible problems that trigger switch rear brake is age switch brake itself. Age switch brakes that are too worn or old are becoming increasingly worn. This results in a spring in the component switch brakes cannot function optimally.

In this case, usually the brakes will continue to work, because the spring will always be connected to positive and negative electric current. If this is the probable cause, the vehicle owner must replace it with a new device.

2. Problems in the wiring system circuit

The second cause that allows this problem to occur is the existence of a series of brake cables that are damaged, peeling, sticking or touching the mass. This problem also needs to be researched first to ensure the correct way of dealing with it.

If this second problem occurs, the vehicle owner simply resets the position switch brakes without replacing them with new ones.

How to fix Switch Motorcycle Rear Brake Error

Motor vehicle users who experience this problem, should follow the steps below to fix it:

1. Let go Switch Brake

How to fix switch the first motorcycle rear brake is to remove the components switch brake first. In this case, a screwdriver or similar tool is needed to disassemble. Remove one by one the bolts that protect the inside switch brake. After removing everything, remove the cable as well switch cable on the rear brake of the motorcycle.

Switch brakes that have been dismantled, then must be cleaned. Spray using anti-rust liquid on the contacts. This anti-rust fluid also functions as a lubricant. Make sure that the lubricating fluid can remove moisture and can clean switch the rear brake of the motorcycle that had been damaged.

2. Function Test Switch Brake

After disassembly switch The rear brake motor is finished, then the function test is done. Make sure up to switch the rear brake which had previously been an error can be recovered and function normally. The way to repair the rear brake switch of the motorcycle is to turn the switch brake outward to approach the pedal brake motorcycle.

Next do the test on-off on the brake system. At the time of testing, the user can step on and release the brake pedal. If the brake light can turn on and off, it means it’s a function switch brakes are back to normal.

3. Reinstall Switch Brake

The next step is to tighten the bolts on the components switch brake as usual. Connect the cable switch brakes with their connecting components. Reinstall and tighten the bolt switch brake.

After switch brakes that have been repaired are reinstalled, meaning that the damage is not too heavy. Users also don’t need to buy switch new brakes.

That’s how to fix switch the rear brake of the motorcycle is experiencing an error. First make sure the cause, then do the right way to fix it. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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