Check the Ministry of Social’s Cash Assistance for 300 Thousand Rupiah, Easy


The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) provides various kinds of help for the poor, one of which is social assistance. Also known as social assistance, it is hoped that it will be able to help underprivileged families affected by the pandemic. Each family needs to check the Ministry of Social’s cash assistance to find out whether their family is registered as a beneficiary or not.

At least the number of registered social assistance recipients reaches 10 million heads of families, which is taken from integrated social welfare data. The amount of assistance received by each beneficiary family is 300 thousand rupiah. This also lasts for 4 months, to check the data on recipients of cash social assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs, you can use the following methods:

1. Visit Link Official Check for Social Assistance Recipients

The first step is to visit link official to see the status of receiving social assistance or not, namely in web Ministry of Social Affairs. Another way that can be done is to type in the web address, namely and wait for the process. Make sure the address you typed in is correct and don’t be fooled by the page web unofficial which may contain Hoax.

2. Set the Region According to Residence

Next, set the search area according to where you live by selecting Village, District, Regency or City, and Province. Enter the text in the column provided as a visitor verification process. However, if the writing is not clear, you can choose to do it refresh word to be replaced with another.

After that, click the search data button to continue the search process and wait for the name of the beneficiary to appear. Families who are entitled to receive social assistance benefits from the Ministry of Social Affairs will be listed among these names.

3. Enter Name or NIK in Column

Then select the features provided by Google, namely: find and search then type your name or NIK to view the data. Re-check the name and NIK owned or do a screen recording or screenshots for the next matching step. Go to the Ministry of Social page to view database saved beneficiaries.

4. Match the Biodata in the KPM with the Ministry of Social Data

The names in the beneficiary family list or KPM need to be readjusted with the data available in the Ministry of Social Affairs. This step is to ensure the name and not confused with other families. After really matching, it is confirmed that the registered family is correct.

5. Use the Propose or Dispute Feature for Certain Cases

For families who have not registered or feel they are not entitled to receive social assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs, they can use the special feature. There is an option to propose a family or deny assistance as desired which will be processed later.

To use the proposal feature, families can register their names as beneficiaries by entering the required data. In addition, for families who feel they are not entitled to receive assistance, they can choose the rebuttal feature. Wait for the process for some time and repeat the way to check the previous Ministry of Social assistance cash assistance.

6. Immediately Continue Registration at RT RW

The last step is to do further registration in the RT and RW after knowing the surname is registered. This step must be carried out as a direct data verification process that the family is entitled to receive it.

Of course, it is very easy to check the recipients of social assistance which can be followed in the previous explanation. This is the information submitted regarding the Ministry of Social’s cash assistance check that can be used to check data. In addition to social assistance, the Ministry of Social Affairs has also issued several other aids to help school children and workers who have been laid off.

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