Chicken Farming Business Opportunities for the Community

Chicken Farming Business Opportunities for the Community – There are so many business opportunities in Indonesia. Starting from opening a shop, dropshipping, to forms of maintenance or livestock cultivation.

Chicken Farming Business Opportunities for the Community

One of them is the business opportunity for chicken farming. The chicken business in Indonesia is increasingly being loved by the public. Behind this, there are Indonesian preferences that are embedded in their minds about the delicacy of dishes based on chicken raw materials.

Any type of food made from chicken. Whether it’s fried chicken, sweet soy sauce chicken, chicken opor, grilled chicken, serundeng chicken, chicken curry, geprek chicken and many others. Why are there so many different types of chicken dishes? Because Indonesia has a rich variety of abundant spices that can be mixed and matched with any dish, especially chicken.

Then, as we all know. Indonesia also has innovative skills in assembling various kinds of problems. So that the idea of ​​​​a new variant of processed raw chicken emerged. However, we will not discuss further about the issue of the type of chicken flavor variant. Because it is a finished output.

And just enjoy it right away. However, here we will discuss the supporting aspects for the chicken farming business as additional income for the community.

Anyone know bill gates? Already know? Or still don’t know? If you still don’t know Bill Gates, I suggest you read his biography first to understand the story I’m about to explain.

In one of the posts on Instagram that I’ve ever read. Om bill gates once explained that if he fell into poverty. So he will start a business by raising chickens. How come? Yes, he explained that raising chickens is easier and cheaper to maintain.

Furthermore, om bill gates gives an analogy for business calculations. Suppose a person has 1 rooster and 5 hens. So in 3 months at least someone has had at least 40 chicks.

With a price of 5 USD (this adjusts to the condition of the area a person lives) per chicken. So in a year the breeder can earn at least USD 1000 and it will grow even more if the breeder adds other roosters and hens.

In addition, chickens can easily eat anything that is on the ground. Then, for the hen. It takes a special cage to incubate and lay the eggs. In the health aspect, vaccination is needed to kill germs and various diseases that will harm humans.

All of that can be obtained easily at an affordable price. In conclusion. Raising chickens is one of the most promising businesses for chicken farmers or for someone who wants to start a chicken farming business.

But again the problem arises, how can someone improve his skills in raising chickens, especially for beginners? What should be done first? What should be considered in raising chickens so that they can thrive?

In a journal written by Tuti widjastuti, wiwin tanwiriah, dani garrnida and abun. they explain what aspects must be considered in improving the skills of chicken farmers. One of them is by using a technological approach. There is something called the technology of utilizing hatching machines to reproduce chicks uniformly.

However, the technological approach that has been presented earlier is not merely a single factor. There are other factors such as the use of quality rations and also sustainable management to be absolute in this case.

Who’s running all of this? Further in the journal that there is great potential that should be utilized. Namely, local PKK women. As previously stated, this chicken farming business can be used as additional income for the family in meeting the necessities of life.

Besides the head of the family earn the main living. Mothers can also help the head of the family in providing additional income. In addition, in a more technical problem. Other supporting aspects are how to choose seeds, how to make rations, how to treat the cage, and the final result obtained is the processing of making nuggets and meatballs as a finished product from chicken raw materials.

From the problem of technical implementation by using the approach of implementing hatchery technology which is carried out to the fullest, Insya Allah, it is also accompanied by prayer. Can be obtained with satisfactory results. God willing.


The supporting aspects in the chicken farming business are as follows:

The approach uses technology, how to choose seeds, how to make rations, how to treat cages, and how to process chicken-based ingredients. Actors who have the potential are PKK women as drivers of this chicken farming business.


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