Confused to Determine? Here are 5 ways to choose glasses that suit your face shape


Often a person is confused about choosing glasses because the face shape does not match. Therefore, we will provide some tips on how to choose glasses that suit your face shape.

Actually, many people are not aware of it, but it turns out that how to choose glasses is a bit difficult for people who don’t know their own face shape.

Therefore, make sure to buy and choose glasses that suit your face shape so that you look better. But if you are still confused about it too? So take a look at the following article!

How To Choose Glasses That Suit Your Face Shape?

how to choose glasses

Want glasses that are suitable for wearing and according to your face shape? Before choosing or buying it, it would be nice to first identify the face shapes that are common in Indonesia.

After that, you free to choose Any glasses that are suitable for everyday wear, whether it’s for traveling, holidays, school, college, even to the office. Now, let’s start the discussion first.

1. Triangle Face Shape

When you have a triangular face shape, then the way to choose the right glasses is to choose a wide top frame compared to the bottom one. This can minimize the width of the chin.

And can balance the top with the part of your face. And the things you need to avoid are choosing a wide handle frame.

2. Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape like this, then you should be grateful and very grateful to God Almighty, because this face shape is very suitable for all types of glasses.

Even the current fashion trend of glasses is using models that have an oval face shape.

3. Long Face Shape

Maybe many Indonesians have or feel that their face is long, you can do it use square-shaped glasses with a lower hilt than usual.

This will make your long face look bigger and shorter. And don’t make the wrong choice of glasses that have large frames, because they will really interfere with your appearance.

4. Round Face Shape

If you think you have a round face shape, make sure to choose a square or square frame with a high eyeglass handle. With this shape, your face will look longer.

The thing you really need to avoid is choosing a round frame with a thick handle.

5. Square Face

Maybe this square face shape is very rare to find, because not many Indonesians have this facial posture. But if you are one of them, then choose glasses that have round frames only.

Because moon glasses will help disguise facial lines or provide curved lines so that the face looks longer.

Conclusion and Closing

how to choose glasses

Those are some tips on how to choose glasses that suit your face shape. By choosing the right glasses, of course it can support your activities to be more confident again.

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So first our discussion this time about how to choose glasses that suit the shape of the face. If there is an error in writing in this article, we apologize profusely. Thank you so much for reading it.

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