Customize First? 5 Ways to Choose Foundation According to Skin Color!


One of the make-up products that must be owned by women is foundation, aka powder. However, the question now is, how do you choose a foundation according to your skin color?

Of course, every human skin color is different, isn’t it? For this reason, it is also important to pay attention to how to choose a foundation according to your skin color, because if you don’t, you will not get the maximum make-up, but an appearance that is lacking and not very good.

Given that, it often happens. So, we will give you some tips on how to choose a foundation according to your skin color so that the make up you use looks fresher. so keep on reading the following discussion yes!

How to choose a foundation according to skin tone?

how to choose foundation

There are still many women who choose the wrong foundation, therefore the makeup they use is sometimes a little lacking and even looks weird.

Therefore, we have summarized several ways to choose a foundation according to your skin color so that the make-up you use looks even fresher. No need to linger, let’s look at the discussion in the following article.

1. Pay attention to the basic skin color

The majority of people choose the wrong foundation color because they don’t know the color under their own skin. So, in order to choose the right foundation, first know your skin undertone color.

The basic skin color or undertone is divided into 3 types, namely warm (yellow), cool (pink), and right. The method of determining skin undertone color is quite easy, you just have to stay with your wrist to the base of bright sunlight or light.

If it’s green, it means your undertone is warm. However, if the color of your veins is a combination of green and blue, it means that your undertone is fair. Know the color of your skin’s undertone, you will find it easier to choose the right foundation color choice.

2. Try Foundation First on the Neck

Many people try to put foundation on their wrists or the backs of their hands. Meanwhile, the skin color of the hands is sometimes different from the skin color of the face, you know.

So, when choosing a foundation, try applying it on the neck or near the jawline, then see if it matches your skin tone.

3. Try Foundation in a Bright Place

Try to find a clear place when you want to try foundation. If you work in a place where there is less light, maybe your skin color will appear darker or on the contrary, appear more vivid. So, try foundation in a place that has natural light.

4. Color Selection

During the day, the face that uses foundation will generally turn out to be more grubby or black. This is because the foundation is subject to oxidation when it is exposed to heat, either hot from the sun or heat from body temperature.

So, so that the color of the foundation is always good on the face even though it has been used all day, choose a foundation color that is one level clearer than the skin color.

5. Choose the Right Foundation

Currently, there are many types of foundations that you can find at makeup outlets, ranging from liquid, cream, stick, to tinted ones. Each type of foundation has its own advantages, so you are advised to choose based on the type of coverage you need.

The type of liquid or cream foundation, for example, is more suitable for large and meaningful activities, because it can provide full coverage. However, for daily use, choose a tinted foundation or BB Cream which is good enough to cover blemishes on the face and even out skin tone.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, that’s some ways to choose a foundation according to skin color, choose the right color so that facial makeup looks even more fresh.

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