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Dangers of Using Modified WhatsApp – One of the biggest functions of using Smartphones is as a communication tool.

The type of communication can be in the form of voice or telephone delivery or short messages. when the internet was still underdeveloped, the most popular was that mobile phone users still communicated via regular telephones and sent short messages via SMS.

WhatsApp as the Most Popular Chatting Application

Along with the development of the internet network, various applications began to appear that could develop communication features, such as Line, MiChat, Tantan, WhatsApp and others. By using an application like this, you can not only make calls and send short messages. You can send voice messages, photos and videos, and even video calls.

The most popular chat application is WhatsApp. Almost all smartphones have this application installed. However, because of the appearance of WhatsApp which for some people is considered boring or wants to add various features.

Then the WhatsApp application appears which is not legal, in the sense that it was not developed by WhatsApp and is not in the Play Store or AppStore. Modified WhatsApp or WhatsApp MOD applications include GP WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp MA and others.

Dangers of Using WhatsApp Mode

However, using the WhatsApp MOD application has dangers that can harm users, one of which is data security is not guaranteed. Because WhatsApp Mod is not an official application from WhatsApp, but a modified application that we don’t know what code is embedded in it.

So, here are some languages ​​using whatsapp mod:

1. Unencrypted

Modified WhatsApps application is not developed by the company officially, but comes from illegal application developers scattered on internet searches. Therefore, users of the WhatsApp application will not get protection from the WhatsApp company on the legal WhatsApp application.

One of the security systems offered is an end-to-end encryption system. The use of this security system is none other than so that conversations on the legal WhatsApp application cannot be accessed by third parties.

2. Causes Smartphones to Get Virus

Application WhatsApp MOD is not available on Google Play and on AppStore. This means that apart from violating copyrights, it sometimes also doesn’t meet Google and Apple’s security standards.

This makes WhatsApp Mods application developers embed malware and spyware on the application. The risk of harm to WhatsApp Modification users is that it is tapped and causes the smartphone device to be damaged.

3.Threatened to Block

Because it was not developed by WhatsApp officially. So, WhatsApp users are threatened with being blocked.

The reason for blocking WhatsApp Modification is for security reasons, more specifically the quote from the WhatsApp statement “WhatsApp does not support third applications, because we cannot validate the security of their practice”.

That’s some the dangers of using WhatsApp mode which need to be avoided. We recommend that you do not use this type of application so that you stay safe and according to existing security standards.


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