Data Search for BST Cash Social Assistance Recipients, Complete

To increase purchasing power and turn the wheels of the economy, the government provides various social funds for the community. Unfortunately, not all Indonesians can enjoy this facility, but only registered people who have met the requirements. The status of a person receiving assistance or not can be known through a search for data on recipients of BST cash social assistance for clarity of status.

BST itself began to be redistributed in July 2021 for the period of May and June 2021. There are various requirements that must be met so that assistance can be obtained for people affected by the pandemic. Actually, the assistance launched by the government during Covid-19 is not only BST. The government through the Ministry of Social Affairs distributes several types of assistance to help the community’s economy.

Finding Data for Cash Social Assistance Recipients Through the Ministry of Social Affairs website

During the extension of the PPKM, various aids were again distributed by the government through the Ministry of Social Affairs. For social assistance in the form of cash itself, the targets are families registered with KPM or Beneficiary Families. This BST starts in January – April 2021 then continues with the disbursement in July.

Cash Social Assistance or BST provided by the government is 300 thousand rupiahs per month. The funds that were disbursed last July were a combination of the months of May and June so that the funds obtained amounted to 600 thousand rupiah. To find out whether someone is registered or not, do a detailed search of the BST cash social assistance recipient data:

  • The page for checking social assistance can be accessed through the website or copy link this in the search field then press enter.
  • There, you will find various fields that must be filled in from the province, district, sub-district to the village or kelurahan where you live. Please fill in the data as stated on the ID card.
  • Don’t forget to enter the recipient’s name and it must be written correctly as stated on the ID card.
  • Finally, type the code letters as shown in the box. If the letters look confusing, hit the spin sign that says “captcha” to display the new code letters.
  • If it is already, click on “search for data” and the system will inform whether the person in the data is a beneficiary or not.

List of Social Assistance Launched by the Government

Apart from Cash Social Assistance (BST), there are also various other assistances that can be obtained by the community. These aids have their respective targets and of course must be registered in order for assistance to be received. Here are some things about finding beneficiary data social bst cash launched during the PPKM period:

1. Pre-Employment Card

It has been running for some time, the budget for the Worker Card has been added again considering that PPKM is still ongoing. This Pre-Employment Card budget is added by 1.2 trillion rupiah and allocated for job seekers. This is intended to hone skills before entering the world of work.

2. Internet Quota Assistance

Considering that during the pandemic, community mobility was limited, the education sector was no less affected. Because of this, students must study online by using the internet. In order not to be too burdened, the government distributes quota assistance for those undergoing distance learning ranging from elementary school students to college students.

3. Food Card Program

Around 18.8 million recipients in the search for data on recipients of cash social assistance who can benefit from the KPM are the targets of this Basic Food Card Program. The government disburses funds of 200 thousand rupiah per family in the context of social protection during the PPKM period. The New Sembako Card was also launched to fulfill regional proposals for the other 5.9 million beneficiaries.

Those were various assistances from the government for the people and how to find data on recipients of BST cash social assistance which can be accessed through the Ministry of Social website. The government is trying to ensure that the aids launched are right on target so that the benefits can be felt for people in need. The Ministry of Social Affairs website is also provided to easily find out the status of the beneficiary.

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