Definition and Advantages of Cloud Storage


Choosing media to store data is an action that must be considered, because when we suddenly need important data, we don’t even bring the storage media, call it a hard drive, or a flash disk.

Now because of this problem, there is now a solution that can be used to overcome it, namely by using cloud storage.

In this article will discuss about what cloud storage is, and its advantages.

Understanding Cloud Storage

Cloud storage or cloud storage is storage media that can be used to store important data such as text, documents, photos, videos, and others that can be accessed via the Internet. It can be said that this cloud storage is a hosting server that is used for data storage on the Internet.

Well, because the storage is on the Internet, so we won’t have to worry when we suddenly need certain files, because we can get the files through the cloud storage. Of course to be able to access it we need an Internet network.

Advantages of Using Cloud Storage

It turns out that the use of cloud storage has many advantages compared to storage media such as hard drives or flash drives. Here are the advantages of using cloud storage:

1. Can be accessed anywhere and anytime

As explained above, because cloud storage uses Internet technology, the files that we store there can be accessed anywhere and anytime, as long as we are still connected to the Internet network.

In addition, cloud storage also makes it easier for us to share files among computer users, office friends, school friends, and others.

2. Easy to Access

Usually cloud storage uses SSD technology, so when you want to access your files, it will most likely be faster to access because it uses SSD technology. In addition, you only need to open a browser to find the files you need on your cloud server.

3. File Sharing

For example, for example, we are working on group assignments and our friends are out of town, we can use this cloud storage to share tasks easily, for example, it’s like using Google Drive.

And of course this process is very safe.


Well, that’s the explanation about understanding cloud storage and a series of advantages offered by this cloud technology as a storage medium. Hopefully it can be useful.

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