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Definition and Types of Keyboards – Nowadays, the recording process cannot be separated from everyday life. Starting from the simplest, such as writing down a shopping list made by small food stall owners when they want to go to the market.

Up to the recording of important data on research results, financial records, and future strategic plans carried out by large multinational companies.

Definition of Keyboard

Now almost all companies use laptops or computers for record keeping needs. Not only that, students, practitioners and even writers use laptops for work.

One of the hardware devices used to input letter and number data, symbols and others on a laptop is a keyboard. For more details, the following is an explanation of the meaning and types of keyboards.

The keyboard is one of the hardware or hardware that is part of a laptop or computer. The keyboard itself consists of a collection of numbers, letters and symbols. There are ways to connect a keyboard to a computer using a PS2, you can also use a USB.

If you want something more practical, it is recommended to use wireless so that the laptop connection no longer uses cables. The keyboard functions as a tool to input data in the form of a series of letters, numbers and symbols.

In a sense, the keyboard has an important role as a note-taking tool with almost unlimited capacity. Either, in the form of academic records, records for the benefit of the profession, as well as records for trade.

In addition, the function of the keyboard is to be able to give short commands to the computer. Such as setting light levels, adjusting audio volume and others.

Keyboard Types

There are various types of keyboards currently on the market. Starting from the most classic types to the latest. The following are the types of keyboards and the characteristics of each:

Qwerty Keyboard

The Qwerty keyboard type is the most popular type and is often used. The name Qwerty is taken from the first six letters at the top left. Because it is the most familiar, many users have memorized the layout of the letters.

The inventor of the Qwerty keyboard layout was Christopher Latham Sholes. In the past, this type of keyboard became the standard for commercial machines. In addition to inventing the Qwerty keyboard, Cristopher Latham Sholes also invented the typewriter.

Dvorak Keyboard

There is no difference Dvorak keyboard with Qwerty. It’s just that in terms of the placement of the letters, the Dvorak Keyboard was invented in 1933. You need to know, the letters that are often used are located on the right side of the keyboard.

Although the Dvorak keyboard places frequently used letters on the right, it is possible to use it for typing in languages ​​other than English.

Alphabetic Keyboard

As the name implies, the Alphabetic keyboard is a keyboard that consists of an arrangement of letters of the alphabet in order.

Although it sounds interesting, in its development this type of keyboard is not very usable. That’s because the level of effectiveness is inferior to the Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard types.

That’s a review of the understanding and types of keyboards that have developed from the past until now.

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