Definition of Hosting and the 4 Most Popular Types of Hosts Used


A website requires hosting as a storage medium for all website files and data so that it can be accessed by many people via the internet. Files and data website These can be videos, images, emails, scripts, applications, and databases.

Without hosting, of course you can’t create a website. That’s why, you need to hire a service host to a third party first to create a website.

Many benefits offered by hosting, in addition to speed of access, practical and easy to use, the host also offers many benefits, including website data stored is also relatively safe because it is managed on the server owned by the host provider.

Types of Hosting

There are various types of web-based hosting that you can use as storage media for various types of documents such as articles, photos, videos and designs according to the website you manage.

Here are some types of hosting that you can use for your website management needs:

Shared Hosting

This host is quite popular and most widely used by various webmasters for various web data storage needs. Many host service providers strongly recommend the use of this type of host, even for beginners.

Shared hosts are considered ideal for a website that is new and doesn’t have too much traffic. The price is also quite cheap so it will not be heavy on the pocket.

However, as the name implies, shared hosts are public or public, so hosting management services do share the use of the host with other users.

Cloud Based Hosting

This cloud host-based web data storage technology has indeed become one of the relatively new storage methods. The advantage is that it allows hundreds of servers to work together until it looks like one giant server.

The advantage of this host is the minimal risk of possible downtime. In fact, when the server is in trouble, it will not affect the website you manage.

VPS Host

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of service where users get a dedicated server space. So, when there is a high increase in traffic on another website that is still on the same server, it will not have an impact on the website that you manage, because the server you use through the services of a host provider or third party is done personally.

The concept of managing a Virtual Private Server is also completely left to the users of this host service, so there is no need to worry if at any time there is a high traffic spike in terms of high daily and monthly website visits because this host service does not limit the number of website visits or is limited via special quota in the use of the host.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is another type of shared hosting managed by the most popular CMS in the world namely; WordPress. This host is specifically dedicated to managing websites based on this wordpress platform.

There are many advantages offered by wordpress on its host, starting from the installation process of the WordPress platform to help protect the website from hacker security threats as well as the ease of the update process and friendly panels.

In addition, there are other features on this wordpress host, which is already equipped with multilingual features making it easier for even newbie users. Therefore, the host provided by wordpress is ideal for the various needs of users and website developers, because this platform in addition to providing affordable hosting services also has other services such as the availability of plugins that support the performance of a website to website themes so that the web looks looks more attractive and user friendly.


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