Definition, Purpose and Impact of Transmigration


Definition of Transmigration – This time we will discuss a subject matter of social science. That is about the movement of people from one place to another. What we usually call Transmigration.

As residents of a country, we should be familiar with a term, namely Transmigration.

And Indonesia is very famous for its very dense population in the world. So the Indonesian government made this transmigration program.

Because if there is no equal distribution of the population, it could mean that the population of an island is not evenly distributed. And will result in many impacts that can be detrimental.

What is Transmigration?

The definition of transmigration is the government’s efforts to move part of the population from densely populated areas to other areas.

The definition of transmigration is an effort made by the government, especially the government in Indonesia. To carry out efforts to remove people from densely populated areas. Towards a place that is still deserted.

Transmigration can be said to be an effort to move from a crowded city, to a village that is still empty of residents.

Transmigration Destination

Most of the purpose of transmigration is to move dense population from one place to another. To achieve an even population density in a place.

In addition to population distribution, transmigration destination also as follows:

1. Improving the quality of life of transmigrants in the transmigration destination area.
2. As a venue for the management of its natural resources.
3. As a provider of employment opportunities for transmigrants.
4. To get to know each other between transmigrants and residents from transmigration areas.

Those are some of the goals of transmigration, which are very useful for a state administration.

What are the Impacts of Transmigration?

There are several impacts resulting from this transmigration program, including:

1. The positive impact or the good impact.

  • The land that was originally empty, can now be used and utilized.
  • The life of the transmigrants will be better.
  • Can increase production in agriculture.
  • Accelerate the distribution of an urban area.
  • Reducing the number of unemployed in a place.

2. The negative impact or the bad impact.

  • Because this is a government program, it has to be funded by the government. Which causes a lot of spending.
  • Sometimes it can also create jealousy between transmigrants and the original inhabitants of the transmigration area.

So in essence, the program from Transmigration is a goal for the distribution of the population in a place. By moving the population from densely populated areas to a more secluded place.

So that’s the explanation about the definition of transmigration, the purpose of transmigration, and the impact of transmigration.

Hopefully this article can be useful.


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