Delicious Betawi Godog Vegetable Recipe and Very Simple Way of Making!

Betawi specialties are one of the menus that are widely sold and are also in great demand by local people.

Because it has a very good taste and also its distinctive spices, it is quite appetizing.

However, how is the vegetable godog recipe? betawi this? Can you make it yourself at home?

If curious, about the recipe? Let’s look at the following discussion,

Delicious Betawi Godog Vegetable Recipe

Betawi Godog Vegetable Recipe

If to make and also this vegetable godog betawi recipe is very easy. Moreover, the ingredients are also widely circulated in the local market.

Therefore, this food menu is very populist, and does not dry out your wallet.

If you want to make it yourself at home, for food menu presented to loved ones.

News reference, will share the recipe, along with how to make it too.

So keep reading this article until the end. No need to linger any longer, let’s see the discussion as follows.

Ingredients Needed To Make Vegetable Godog

Actually, the ingredients for this Betawi Godog Vegetable are not too difficult to get. Therefore, you should make this snack menu at home.

The ingredients are:

– Chopped long beans

– Easy papaya that has been shaved long

– Shrimp that have been peeled

– 2 pieces of bay leaf

– Red chili powder

– Red cayenne pepper to taste

– Galangal 1 cm

– Vegetable oil to taste

– Fresh coconut milk to taste

Spices that need to be mashed:

– Salt 2 tsp

– Chili curls to taste

– Shrimp paste

– 3 cloves of red onion and 5 cloves of garlic

– Large red chili to taste

How to make along with the Godog Betawi Vegetable Recipe

1. Fry the ground spices first until they have the right aroma. Then enter the galangal, chili powder, bay leaf, stir until evenly distributed.

2. Add green chilies, cayenne pepper, and red chilies.

3. Add the prawns too, then remove until they have a reddish color.

4. After that, add the coconut milk and cook until it boils over low heat.

5. Add boiled young papaya and long beans.

6. Boil until the vegetables are soft, then remove and serve.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to make a delicious Betawi Godog Vegetable recipe.

This food menu is very suitable to be served to your beloved family, or served at gathering events.

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