Devil in the womb movie! About the Spirit and His Dark Past, Watch In Your Favorite Cinema!


Recently, Indonesian horror films have begun to show their fangs again. This time the film Devil in the womb is being discussed by netizens on social media.

You could say that the film Devil in the womb guarantees that the audience feels scared and drifts into the storyline, and can make your skin crawl.

Synopsis of the Film Devil in the womb

Devil in the womb movie

For synopsis film The Devil in the womb itself tells the story of Verdi’s household life and his wife, Amelia.

However, for now, Verdi is confused about making decisions regarding his work, will he continue to work in Jakarta to be a ready husband, or choose to continue his career outside the city.

Verdi is very worried about his job, because Amelia is pregnant with her first child, where her marriage has been going on for about 15 years.

About the Spirit and His Dark Past!

Because Verdi was indecisive and didn’t want to leave his pregnant wife, he decided to find a house close to his job.

But the problem is, the new house they live in is also inhabited by spirits and various other mystical events.

So what will happen to Amelia’s pregnancy? If you want to know the answer, please watch this horror film right now.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a little spoiler and also a synopsis of the film Devil in the womb, about spirits and their dark past. Watch this film right now at your favorite cinema.

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