Diet While Fasting Is It Dangerous? Let’s Get to Know the 5 Risks Right Now!

Because today’s lifestyle is getting easier, it’s no wonder many people are lazy to do something.

Even for diet alone, many people are lazy, whether it’s because it has become a pattern of behavior or because of other factors.

Now Muslims have entered the holy month of Ramadan, so it is obligatory to fast.

However, the question is whether diet Is fasting dangerous? If curious? Find the answer in the following article.

Diet While Fasting Is It Dangerous?

diet while fasting

As the times progressed, all the information that we get now is already in our hands.

However, why are there still many people who don’t want to find out about healthy living or healthy behavior patterns.

Even many who don’t know, is fasting diet dangerous? The answer is not dangerous at all.

Actually it is highly recommended to go on a diet while fasting so that the body becomes healthier again.

However, what must be done is to consult a doctor or nutritionist first, so that the nutrients that enter during iftar and sahur can be maximized.

And will not interfere with the body’s metabolism when you want to do a diet pattern during a full Ramadan fasting for 30 days.

Diet Risks While Fasting

diet while fasting

When it comes to the risks of dieting while fasting, there’s actually nothing to worry about.

Especially if you have consulted the nearest doctor or nutritionist.

However, the News Reference will share some of the risks of dieting while fasting that might be interesting additional information for you. So, read this article to the end.

1. Extreme Hunger

If we are fasting alone, we are holding back hunger and thirst plus holding back our lust, then it is certain that the diet while fasting also increases 2 times.

This 2-fold increase refers to extreme hunger, but if it is accompanied by sincere intentions.

It’s not impossible, if your body will become more healthy and your diet will work.

2. Mild Headache

Another effect caused when dieting while fasting is a light headache.

Actually the effect of this headache is caused by a lack of energy intake in the body.

So that the brain lacks energy intake which makes it more tired and also gets a light headache.

3. Digestive Disorders

How about the disruption of digestive problems when dieting while fasting? In fact, this needs to be proven or investigated further.

But in fact, digestive problems will not be disturbed when you go on a diet while fasting takes place.

On the contrary, your digestion will be healthier and your metabolism will be healthier.

4. Faster Feeling Tired

If you feel tired faster, it’s natural, especially if the heart that you have been guarding has always been one-sided.

So don’t use it as an excuse if you go on a diet during fasting, your body will feel tired faster.

The proof is when love or a one-sided heart also makes you feel more tired, when you are happy with it.

5. Mood Changes Quickly

The purpose of this rapidly changing mood is usually more quickly angry or often emotional.

But over time, dieting while fasting will make the heart feel more sincere with the circumstances and also the condition of your heart.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the diet while fasting is it dangerous? And the risks that will be experienced by the body.

There will be a month where, the day is filled with goodness, and at night we learn the holy Qur’an. Ramadan will always be a light from a dim heart.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong.

That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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