Differences in Activities During a Pandemic and Normal

Hi all, how are you?, I hope you are all well. Now, this time, I want to invite all my friends to reminisce about the time before the pandemic struck.

In the past there were many fun activities that we could do with many people, but now everything has changed, even it has been going on for years.

Differences in Activities During a Pandemic and Normal

Here are some activities that are usually carried out during normal times and the differences when a pandemic strikes:

Wake up early and go to school

Consciously or not, many people’s life cycles have changed after the pandemic, namely sleep time becomes less, likes to stay up late, and wake up late. Those who used to get enough sleep, wake up early and get ready for school, now they don’t.

All learning is done online, so it almost doesn’t feel like school anymore. But just playing HP.

But not everyone is like this.

There are still some of them who remain productive, sleep well and wake up earlier.

Meet Friends

Well, if you’re bored at home, you can play with friends, either play soccer or hang out. Whereas now it is very limited, it is difficult to hang out, because there are restrictions on activities outside the home.

Rarely Handwriting

If I feel this myself, I have never written on paper for almost 1 year, because all school assignments are collected in pdf/words format.

Yes, that’s the fate of the new IT kid in semester 3.

So just holding the pen, it makes you tremble, and when you scribble, it’s really messy. Maybe other friends also feel this problem after the pandemic has been running for almost 2 years.

Online Meet

In the past, zoom meet or gmeet activities were very foreign, even talking in front of the camera like that seemed very embarrassing. But now it has changed 180 degrees. Because almost activities are carried out via online meet.

Want school activities, meetings, or other remote activities.

So, those are some of the differences between normal activities and when the pandemic strikes, do we have anything in common?, if there are, don’t forget to comment below.

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