Dita Karang Girl Group Member Secret Number From Indonesia Will Fill in the Soundtrack for Drama Business Proposal!


Until trending on Twitter social media, it seems that Dita Karang, a member of the girl group from Secret Number, has again shocked the virtual world, especially kpop fans from Indonesia.

Because Dita Karang will fill the soundtrack of the famous Korean drama, Business Proposal.

Of course, Dita Karang’s achievement is very well received by kpop fans in the country, especially since the drama has the highest rating for the romantic comedy genre.

Dita Karang Will Fill in the Soundtrack for the Korean Drama Business Proposal

Dita Coral

Presenting a very light and not boring storyline, it seems that taking the blind date theme in this drama is very fitting.

Coupled with the romantic comedy scenes that exist in each scene, it can shake the stomach of the audience.

In addition, the plot twist of drama The Korea Business Proposal, which airs on Netflix, is also not easy to guess. So watching this drama is perfect for accompanying friends relaxing time.

Carrying the Romantic Comedy Genre

The drama, which was adapted from a webtoon series, carries a romantic comedy about a blind date in the office.

In addition, this Korean drama is also studded with famous stars starting from Ahn Hyo Seod, Kim Se Jeond, and a number of other well-known artists.

Anyway, watching this drama is really highly recommended, especially for those of you who like the romantic comedy genre.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a bit of a spoiler and a synopsis of the drama A Business Proposal whose soundtrack will be filled by Dita Karang, a member of the girl group Secret Number from Indonesia. Watch this drakor right now, on the Netflix streaming platform.

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