Do not be confused! Here’s How to Create a Status on Telegram which is very simple!


Many don’t know that how to make a status on Telegram can only be done through photos or short videos.

So the Telegram status update can’t be in the future, maybe in the future Telegram can provide this feature, but right now it doesn’t exist yet.

So how do you make a status on Telegram? If you are curious, let’s see the review in the following article.

How to Create a Very Simple Status on Telegram?

how to make status on Telegram

If friends here are still confused about how to make a status on this Telegram. so take a look at the discussion in the following article.

Photo Status on Telegram App

In the telegram application there is no menu to view other people’s status. Maybe some people take this shortcoming, but in our opinion it doesn’t matter. Because the main function of telegram is to be able to communicate easily and safely.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram uses the phone’s contact synchronization system to get a list of contacts that can be contacted via Telegram. In addition, there are also users nearby to contact other people around us.

Good so that others know our status then the way is to upload a profile photo and add a bio. We ourselves prefer to upload profile photos as statuses. Because telegram profiles can display multiple photos at once.

You can upload desired photo as profile and at the same time with status. How to upload a telegram profile photo is very easy. For those who don’t know, please see how below.

  • Click the menu icon in the top left corner.
  • Then select the Settings menu
  • Then click the camera image icon
  • Next, select the photo to use as your profile photo
  • Then crop the desired photo. You can also edit it before use
  • If you just clicked on the Cawang icon to confirm the profile photo in use.
  • Then the profile photo will change according to the selected photo

Please select the desired profile photo as a telegram status. Then all profile photos can be seen by other people who created our profile. This is the reason why profile photos can be used as telegram status.

Conclusion and Closing!

how to make status on Telegram

Well, that’s a complete explanation of how to make a status on Telegram.

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