Don’t Be Disheartened! Here are 5 Job Prospects for the Department of Business Administration, Check it out!


The department or business administration science is one of the branches of science that is indispensable for today, especially if you look at the future prospects where business competition is getting tougher.

However, if you are still confused and unsure about your future job prospects if you take this business administration major. So don’t worry, we have summarized some job prospects which certainly have many opportunities in the future.

What are the Job Prospects for a Business Administration Major?

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Maybe you are currently still undecided about choosing a college major, let alone still afraid of future job prospects. So, you can enter this business administration major, especially seeing that the opportunities in the future are also quite high. What are the job prospects?

1. Administrative staff

One of the job prospects of an alumni of business administration is as an administrative employee of an industry.

The position of administrative staff in the industry itself is very diverse, such as ordinary administrative employees, tax, building, and much more.

There are some obligations that are handled by administrative staff. The initial obligation is the filing or recapitulation of information such as address messages, business information messages, and messages of industrial value.

Not only that, the administrative staff is responsible for making legal documents needed by the industry such as address messages, contract renewal messages, and purchase orders.

2. Company management

Business administration alumni have fairly complete competencies. One of these competencies is in the management aspect.

The interpretation of industrial management is a way of leading, administrating, and centralizing an industry.

An administrator must be able to quote decisions, speak, provide encouragement, execute deputies, and improve others with evaluation, advice, and training.

In addition, administrators must be able to carry out careful programming of various industrial activities and monitor their progress.

If you are an alumnus of business administration and want to move up to an administrator position in the industry. You can apply for management trainee programs which are generally held by large companies.

In this program, you as business administration alumni are not only responsible for the knowledge you have. You will be encouraged to explore the full range of the industry before being positioned in a specialized management department.

3. Human Resources Staff

Another position in the industry that is commonly occupied by business administration alumni is that of employees of the base of people’s energies.

Human resource development employees or commonly known as human resource development (HRD) are part of the industry that is responsible for human resource development, from planning the latest employee recruitment to work contracts.

In addition, HRD plays a role in describing and sorting the source of the energy of people in the industry.

If you are an alumnus of business administration and want to work in HR, you must be able to understand competencies such as teamwork, communication, bonding with others, and being able to improve others.

4. Marketing Staff

One of the subjects studied in the field of business administration is sales or marketing policies and strategies.

So from that, a business administration graduate is very likely to work as a sales employee in an industry.

The sales department in the industry plays a role in increasing the marketing of its goods or services with various advertising methods.

One of the professions that business administration alumni can try in the sales department is to perform daily duties in the administrative aspect of helping sales administrators fulfill for the sales department.

Not only dwelling on administrative issues, a business administration alumnus who works in sales also has the potential to become an administrator.

Sales administrators work on conducting inquiries, recruiting, and managing sales employees, creating various programs and blueprints for achieving industry sales goals.

5. Business consultant

With a variety of knowledge that is understood in the business aspect, an alumni of business administration can also become a business consultant.

A consultant is someone who is believed to provide advice on various business perspectives in the consumer industry, but is not authorized to carry out applications and policies.

Consultants themselves are divided into 2 types, namely internal consultants and external consultants. The difference lies in where the consultant works, whether in the industry requesting discussion or a particular company or consulting agency.

Conclusion and closing!

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