Don’t be in a hurry! Here Are 4 Business Model Concepts That You Must Know!


Are you currently confused about what business to do? And confused also choose what business model you will use?

If you are currently confused to find the answer, maybe you don’t have a clear business concept. In fact, determining this business model is very important so that the business business you are working on can continue to grow until it succeeds.

What are the business models that you can use when you want to build a business?

business model

We have summarized several types of business models that you can use for reference in your business. Let’s see the following review.

1. e-commerce

eCommerce (electronic commerce) is a business where sellers and buyers make transactions online. In other words e-commerce is a business model online store.

This e-commerce business model is suitable for online stores. Suppose you want to sell your product or service to consumers.

2. Distributors

Distributor is a business model whose main activity is distributing products. That is, they do not produce the goods they sell themselves.

The key to this business is the ability to cooperate with manufacturing companies in order to distribute products. Some distributors work with many suppliers at once. There are also those who specifically become the official distributor of a product.

An example of a distributor company in Indonesia is PT TAM which is engaged in the distribution of mobile phones. This distributor company is a partner of various companies such as Samsung and others.

So basically if you want to be a distributor, be a distributor that consumers can trust, so that consumers are not disappointed with the distribution of your product.

3. Franchise

This business model is better known as a franchise. The concept is that when someone wants to start a business, there is no need to create their own business from scratch. However, it is enough to use an existing model from a certain brand, and pay compensation for the cooperation carried out.

The party who owns the business with the brand is called the franchisor and the one who uses the brand is called the franchisor business called franchisees. One example of a franchise business is Mc Donalds.

For novice businessmen, using a franchise is indeed easier because you just have to run a business. All business components have been clearly defined by the franchisor. However, you must be careful in choosing a profitable franchisor.

4. White label

This business model is almost similar to a franchise. The difference is, in white labeling, you are free to use your own brand.

Usually, companies that offer white labeling businesses will sell products specifically to resellers, not end consumers. Why do business people do white labeling?

The reason is, the businessman can focus more on the production of goods and services without thinking about the marketing method that must be done. On the other hand, white labeling consumers can sell the best quality products without the hassle of doing their own production.

So if you want to start a white labeling business model? What you should know is that this business model is suitable for types of handicraft fashion products and things related to it. Therefore, make sure your product is suitable for using this type of white labeling model.

Conclusion and Closing

Well, those are some explanations related to the type of business model to build a new business. You can visit the no ramp trailer website, in order to gain knowledge regarding growing businesses around the world.

That’s all for our discussion and thank you very much for reading this article! Don’t forget to share it with your closest friends, so that they can share information related to business.


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