Don’t buy an iPhone if you like playing games

In this article we want to give a simple overview of the Iphone which is not suitable for playing games for several reasons. But we will also provide the advantages of the iPhone when used to play heavy mobile games such as Pubg, Mobile Legend and the like.

Of course, for gamers, speed when playing games is the main thing, whether it’s online games or offline games.

Don’t buy an iPhone if you like playing games

1. Iphone Batteries Are Not Suitable For Gamers

The habit of playing games for hours makes the HP battery drain quickly, it doesn’t matter if your cellphone battery is above 5000 mah. But what if your battery capacity is only 3000 mah? well of course when used to play games for hours it will run out.

It wasn’t even an hour before he was dead.

That’s what happens if you play games using an Iphone device, playing just 1 Mobile Legend game can drain the battery up to 20%, even though it’s less than 30 minutes.

This is because the battery capacity of the iPhone is not as big as Android. We did this test on the iPhone 7plus series.

In addition to playing games, the iPhone 7plus is also not friendly because the body heats up quickly.

However, for the performance and smoothness offered by the iPhone, there is no need to doubt it. Even though the battery runs out quickly, the iPhone is very good in performance, this is because the processor is equivalent to an Android cellphone at a price of 8-10 million.

2. It’s more wasteful if you turn on the hotspot

Usually, if you play games on the hangout, there must be one friend who goes to the hotspot, now this will be a problem if the cellphone used for the hotspot is an iPhone. Because at first it was wasteful when playing games, this is added to be used by various networks, of course it will be even more wasteful.

It’s possible that it’s not just the iPhone, but any cellphone with a battery capacity below 4000 mAh will definitely experience the same problem as well.


So for this iPhone, there are pluses and minuses when it comes to playing games, because of its good performance, so you have to sacrifice a small battery capacity.

But overall we tried to use the iPhone 7 plus it’s safe if used for purposes outside the game.

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