Drama Style! These 4 Korean Food Business Recommendations You Must Try!


Korean dramas are indeed mushrooming in our beloved Indonesia this time, so trying the Korean food business is the most appropriate step to starting a new business, it’s a shame to miss it, isn’t it.

Not only is it known for its famous music industry and various series of quality dramas, South Korea also has a variety of delicious cash foods that are very popular with the people of Indonesia.

With the various factors considered, there is nothing wrong if you open a culinary business related to Korean food.

What are the Recommendations for the Popular and Contemporary Korean Food Business?

korean food business

Korean food is still rarely found in Indonesia so it is a good opportunity to try. Given that in some areas it is not yet very popular with Korean food and other food businesses are growing.

To avoid fierce competition, you can try offering Korean food to Indonesian consumers. If you are confused about what type of food to sell, here are recommendations: food business Korea which is trending in Indonesia, this is the choice.

1. Bungeppang

korean food business

This Korean dish in Indonesian is known as fish bread. It’s actually a waffle-like snack in the shape of a fish that contains red bean paste.

In Korea, this food can be found at street food vendors, so it is undeniable that it can be tried in Indonesia. With an affordable price, it becomes a small capital Korean food business opportunity that is worth a try.

Because Indonesia is a country that has abundant marine income, this food business should be very worth trying. The taste is rich in spices and it is also quite easy to make, which is an added value for opening this Korean food business.

2. Korean garlic cheese bread

korean food business

To try the food business, it’s best to have products that are booming. Korean garlic cheese bread itself is still widely found in St Gonghan, Seoul, and is hailed as a dish that pampers the oral cavity. This bread is just right if you choose it as a new product from your outlet. Because something that reigns in Korea, must be sought after too public Indonesia.

This snack has a savory and creamy taste. Its luxurious flavors come from ingredients that are easy to find in a bakery. Also the processing process is not complicated enough. In the sense that it does not require special tools that are only owned by professional bakers. It is enough to use common cooking utensils that are commonly found in home kitchens.

3. Rice cakes (Tteikbokki)

korean food business

This food in Korean is known as Tteokbokki which is also still rarely found in some areas of Indonesia. The elongated round shape is cooked using spices from Gochujang.

Consumers can eat it with a fork or Korean cutlery. Although the taste is spicy, it can be adjusted to the Indonesian tongue.

With ingredients that are easily available and the manufacture also does not require a large capital, it should not be a barrier for you to open this Tteikbokki Korean food business.

4. Korean ramen noodles

korean food business

It also becomes opportunity Korean food business is selling well because many consumers like Korean ramen. As the name implies, this noodle-based dish is served with various other vegetables, such as eggs, corn, to dry vegetables.

There are so many who are already running this ramen noodle business, but seeing that the Indonesian market is still good, you only need to add innovations in the taste variants. For example, by adding a cheese variant or other Indonesian cash food variants.

Conclusion and Closing

Those are some recommendations for Korean food businesses that are hits and are very contemporary, so they are suitable as references in starting new businesses.

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That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading this article!

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