Easy and Simple! Here are 5 Ways to Market a Culinary Business Online that You Must Try


The culinary business is a business whose market will always exist and even continue to grow very rapidly. How come? Food is the most basic need for humans.

Now there are a lot of culinary businesses that offer their food through online channels or social media, this is very profitable because they don’t have to bother building a stall or restaurant anymore.

So basically you as a culinary business owner must be more creative and innovative, especially for the culinary business marketing field. Now you are required to use a special strategy so that the culinary business you run can survive and become a success later.

Because if you apply strategy appropriate, you can build, expand and increase sales in the culinary business that you live.

How to Market a Culinary Business Online?

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The following are tips that you can use to market your culinary business online, let’s look at the following reviews.

1. Take advantage of the delivery service

In addition to service applications search restaurants, now delivery service applications are also the right choice to promote and market your culinary business. There are two most famous applications in Indonesia, namely Gofood and Grabfood that you can use. Millions of users of these two applications will be able to see your culinary business which of course will greatly affect the sales of your culinary products.

By taking advantage of this delivery service, you can easily reach your customers, so customers don’t have to bother having to come for COD or to your home.

2. Make use of social media

Social media is always the right place to promote and market any product, including culinary. Apart from being used for free, social media is also a place for community interaction today.

Take advantage of all existing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, Youtube and so on. Expand promotions on social media that are most often used by your consumers. On social media you can show a list of menu options, the latest form of information related to your culinary business, events and attractive offers.

By utilizing this social media you are able to compete with other competitors, and of course the business you are working on will have a higher level of sales.

3. Give promos and discounts

This method is guaranteed to always be effective at attracting consumers because no one does not like promos and discounts. There are many variations of promos and discounts that can be applied to your culinary business. It can be by giving free products after purchasing a certain amount, cutting prices, free shipping, and so on. Also take into account this discount carefully so as not to cause losses.

Of course, if you give a promo or discount, it can attract customers, of course it will be very profitable for the business you manage. In addition, customers will continue to remember your product, so that next time they will definitely buy your product.

4. Display photos as attractive as possible

The strength of online culinary promotion both on social media, restaurant search service applications and delivery service applications, one of which is from attractive food photos.

Therefore, upload the most interesting and appetizing photos of your food. To make appetizing food photos, you don’t need to use an expensive camera, just use your cellphone camera. Can be helped with the right lighting, photo backgrounds to make it look more professional and photo editing applications.

5. Displaying reviews or testimonials from customers

Show your customer reviews or testimonials, whether in the form of praise or criticism. Show these consumer compliments as to provide evidence to people that the delicious food and quality of your service is indeed the best.

Meanwhile, present criticism accompanied by your quick response to show your professionalism in serving consumer complaints. Use the criticism to build and not to undermine your reputation.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, those are some ways and also tips for marketing your business online, whether it’s in the food sector or something else.

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That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading this article!

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