Easy enough! Just Try These 5 Very Simple Ways to Clean Velvet Shoes!


Not many people really know how to clean velvet shoes, because what we know is that this type of shoe has a velvet material which is very difficult to clean or how to clean it, you have to use certain techniques.

So that tips and tricks on how to clean velvet shoes are also quite difficult, especially if we look at the materials used, they seem easily damaged if we wash them wrong.

Therefore, we will provide some tips on how to properly care for velvet shoes so that they are not easy and can be worn in the long term.

What are the tips and tricks on how to clean these velvet shoes?

how to clean velvet shoes

Taking care of velvet shoes is quite difficult, because the texture is similar to calf’s fur, with velvet material that tends to wrinkle easily too. Especially with the material that falls apart and crumbles easily, making it even more difficult to wash.

If you want to clean these velvet shoes, then we recommend following a few steps tips following. What are those tips?

1. Wearing Protector Spray

The first step that must be done is to clean it using a protective spray. The function of this spary is to make velvet reports so waterproof, so that the dirt that sticks can be quickly removed.

For owners of these shoes, all you have to do is just spray a certain amount of spray, don’t let it stick too close to the shoes.

2. Using a Special Brush

The next way to clean velvet shoes is to use a special cleaning brush. Usually the brush for cleaning this type of shoe model has very soft bristles on the surface.

The function of the soft bristles on the surface of the brush can knock out dust and dirt that sticks to the velvet shoes.

3. Can Use Tissue

If the velvet shoes that you have are wet with sticky dirt, it would be nice to clean them with a tissue. First absorb the dirt with a tissue dry.

Also, don’t press the tissue too hard on the surface of the velvet shoes, as this will cause new dirt to stick together again.

4. Using Special Laundry Soap

This step should be used when the velvet shoes you have are really dirty and cannot be cleaned by gentle methods, especially if the stains are very stubborn on the surface of the shoes.

To clean it, use a special washing soap so that the surface of the velvet skin is also not getting damaged.

5. Can Use Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to clean the fine dust on the surface of velvet shoes, it would be better to use a vacuum cleaner. Because the fine straws are able to clean the dust that sticks.

Also, don’t suck too hard or too hard, because if this happens, then the soft surface can be damaged in an instant.

Conclusion and Closing

So, those are some tips and tricks on how to clean velvet shoes in a simple and correct way. So it can be applied to clean these types of shoes that are dirty and have a lot of dust attached.

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So first our discussion about how to clean velvet shoes properly and correctly. If there are wrong words or typos in the writing, we apologize profusely.

Thank you so much for reading this article and see you soon!


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