Easy! These are 5 Ways to Overcome HP Bootloop


HP Bootloop is an event where your cellphone can’t turn on and only displays the logo. This condition can occur repeatedly and is very annoying. Here are some ways to overcome HP Bootloop that you can try.

Restart HP

The first and simplest step if a bootloop occurs on the cellphone is to restart the cellphone. This method can also be called soft reset. Turn off your cellphone, then remove the battery.

Or if the battery is embedded, press the power button until the logo on the screen disappears, then wait a few moments. After that, press the power button, then wait for the cellphone to turn on.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is a way to overcome the next Bootloop Hp which can cause all applications and files to be lost and return to the way they were when they were new. The way to do it is to turn off the cellphone and boot to recovery mode then select factory resetthen click reboot system now.

Install Mod

Mod is a modified application that looks the same as the original application. This is done so that when the original application experiences a bootloop, you can still access it via Mod. Unfortunately this application is not compatible with some types of cellphones.

Flash ROM

If your cellphone often experiences Bootloop, you should do it flash ROM after doing a restore backup. Flash ROM this is considered to be a very powerful way to overcome bootloop hp. In addition, in this way, the old cache will automatically be deleted.

Clear Cache

If only one application is experiencing Bootloop, this method can be done, namely by deleting the cache file on your cellphone. The method is almost the same as a factory reset, namely by entering recovery mode first. Then select wipe data, then when you’re done select reboot now.

There are several different ways to access this recovery mode, depending on the type of cellphone. As in Samsung, you can select Home, then click the power button + volume up. If for Huawei click the power button + volume up. For Asus press power + volume up until the logo appears, then release the power button.

Those are some ways to overcome HP Bootloop that you can try. The easiest way is to restart the cellphone because all you have to do is turn it off and turn it back on. This method can be done if this HP Bootloop problem rarely occurs.


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