Easy Ways to Get Passive Income


Passive Income is income that we can get without doing work on that day, however, before getting passvice income we must work hard first.

Working hard here is not like working with other people according to their company rules, but working hard to build channels on social media. Because social media is what will be our weapon to get passive income.

It should also be noted that to get passive income, it is not scheduled like payday when you work a full month, then you will get a salary (active income).

While passive income, sometimes we work 1 week and we get results.

So how do you get that passive income?, now in this article recitationnews will provide several ways to get passive income from the Internet.

Easy Ways to Get Passive Income

1. Become a Youtuber (Content Creator)

Creating a Youtube Channel is one of the best ways to build passive income assets at this time, because this job is very promising.

Even the source of income is not only Google Adsense, but you may get endorsed offers from big companies.

It’s true that at first the results are not immediately visible, it takes a big struggle, but if it goes well, then hundreds of thousands to millions is not impossible for you to get from youtube.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products, if we succeed in selling them, we will get a commission according to what has been promised by the product owner.

Why can be passive income?

Yes, because when we first share it on social media, people may not buy it right away, but it could be that the next day when we are not working, someone buys the product through the link we share, then we will get a commission too.

So that’s the good thing about affiliate marketing.

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Well that’s some how to get passive income via the internet, which of course the admin has tried it myself and has made money to this day, hopefully it’s useful.


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