Example Sentences Asking and Giving Opinion


Example Sentences Asking and Giving Opinion – English is a language that applies internationally and has become a unifying language of the world. So that everyone is expected to be able to speak English so that they can still interact with citizens of other countries.

One of the English language materials that you can learn to practice and hone your skills in English is material asking and giving opinion outside of self-introduction and memorizing basic words in English.

Material mastery asking and giving opinion is considered to be a mandatory material for you to master as a stage of expediting your ability to speak English.

So what is it really? asking and giving opinion that? It is interpreted from the root word, namely 😊 which means to ask and giving opinion which means asking for an opinion.

Which means you will ask questions and at the same time ask for opinions from others regarding a discourse that you convey.

Miscellaneous Asking for Opinion

In English there are so many types or various ways that you can use to ask your opinion, which are as follows.

What do you think about?
(What do you think?)

How is your opinion?
(What do you think?

-What is your opinion
(What do you think?)

-How do you like?
(What do you think?)

-How do you feel?
(What do you feel?)

-What is your comment?
(What’s your comment?)

-Give me your reaction?
(Give your reaction)

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Kinds of Giving Opinion

When there are so many kinds or types of forms asking for opinion Of course there is always a response from that opinion.

Before discussing about example of sentences asking and giving opinion, first you should know the feedback or giving of the questions asked.

Response from Asking Opinion

-In my view
(According to me)

-In my opinion
(In my opinion)

-I tend to think that
(I think that)

-I think that
(according to my mind)

-To my mind
(According to me)

-The way I see is that
(The way I see this is)

-As far I know
(as far as i know)

-My comment is
(My comment on that is)

-I think I like it
(I think I like it)

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Example Sentences Asking and Giving Opinion

The following are some examples of sentences asking and giving opinions in a conversation between Rika and Risma.

Rika: What do you think of my shoes? (What do you think about my shoes?

Risma: If you ask me, I feel your shoes so good and beautiful.

(If you ask me that, I feel your shoes are very nice and beautiful)

Rika: Do you like that?

(Do you like it?)

Risma: Yes of course, I like that.

(Yes of course, I like it)

Here are some example sentences asking and giving opinion which you can learn to improve your English skills.

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