Fashionable But Polite! 5 Hijab Style Inspirations with White Sneakers


Sneakers are one of the fashion items that can be relied on to support appearance, especially for women who wear hijab. Therefore, we will provide inspiration regarding the hijab style with white sneakers that are elegant but still polite.

So that the appearance of your hijab can still show the dignity of women as a good Muslim. If you are still curious about it, how to choose a hijab style with white sneakers? Let’s look at the discussion in the following article, OK!

What are the Hijab Style Inspirations with White Sneakers?

hijab style with sneakers

Creating a fashion style that is fashionable, sporty, but still polite is indeed a difficulty for hijabers. But don’t worry, we will provide some inspiration regarding hijab styles with cool sneakers but still look polite. What is it like?

1. Minimalist Monochrome

This form is perfect for those of you who like to use layering clothes with a combination of dark and white colors. Choosing pants and outer clothing with far dimensions patterned dark and combine it with white clothes and sneakers. Make sure you look fashionable even though you are ordinary.

2. Showcase With Sneakers

Want to wear sneakers but always look feminine? Try a selection of pastel-style sneakers such as pink and combine it with a matching outfit. You can choose white as the head and pleated style pants.

3. Look Sporty with Denim

For hangout activities with friends, using denim really can’t be wrong. You can copy this casual and casual style by matching it with your favorite white sneakers.

4. Pleated Skrirt with White Sneakers

The next inspiration for the hijab style with white sneakers is the skirt and sneakers? Who’s worried! You can look amazingly fashionable and feminine with a combination of pleated skirts and white sneakers. Captivating!

5. Casual with Blazer

If you like to wear clothes with a combination of formal and casual friction, then there’s nothing wrong with using an official blazer with white sneakers. You can use it in casual activities or on a date with a companion.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, that’s some inspiration regarding the hijab style with white sneakers that have a fashionable but still polite look.

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