Features and Benefits of the M-Tax Application that has been Downloaded by 50 Thousand Users


The development of digital technology that continues to increase makes the Directorate General of Taxes try to adapt its services for all taxpayers in Indonesia by developing a application which is very indulgent for taxpayers.

This service, which aims to make it easier for the public to get tax services, is what initiated the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) to present the M-Tax application technology.

Service-based tax application mobile and online this provides a lot of convenience as well as speed in tax services without having to go to the tax office.

This tax application has just been launched this year to coincide with the commemoration of Tax Day on July 14, 2021.

The development of digital tax services also provides convenience for people who are taxpayers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic season some time ago which demanded that people continue to obey health protocols.

Initially, the purpose of developing this digital-based service was to minimize the workload at the tax service office while reducing direct interaction between officers and taxpayers to avoid unwanted things.

Then, it was developed in 2019 through an initiative program known as 3 C or Click Call and Counter. The 3C program does direct taxpayers to get online services, which initially still used the official website of the Director General of Taxes; or Click.

If the service through the official website of the Director General of Taxes cannot be accessed, then the taxpayer can get services through Kring Tax or Call. While the counter is more of a direct service at the nearest tax service office.

However, to align services with the times, the Director General of Taxes has finally developed a service through an application which is now known as M-Tax.

Advantages of the M-Tax Application

Many advantages are offered in this M-Tax application service. In accordance with its motto, the M-Tajak application does provide easy, fast and personal services to all taxpayers who can access it anytime and anywhere.

Such as making a billing code which is one of the mandatory requirements for paying taxes. How to create a billing code can also be done directly in the M-Tajak application.

In addition, there is also access to electronic NPWP cards to tax deadline notifications that will remind taxpayers of the deposit deadlines and tax reports.

There is also information about taxation such as regulations on taxation that can be easily accessed and the appearance of the application is simple so that it is friendly to even new users.

Another advantage is that the M-Tajak application will provide instructions for the location of the tax service office (KPP) closest to the taxpayer by simply activating the GPS on a mobile phone that has downloaded the M-Tajak application.

The way to access M-Tax is relatively easy, because it is only enough to fill in the TIN number and create a special password to be able to log in according to the profile of each taxpayer who will then receive a verification code via the taxpayer’s email.

How to Get the M-Tax Application

Currently, the M-Tajak application service can be used by all taxpayers by getting an application that is very easy, and can be downloaded via Google Playstore or the Appstore on the taxpayer’s smartphone.

M-Tax App Rating

Since its launch until now, the M-Tajak application has received good ratings and responses from taxpayers. This can be seen from the number of downloads of this application which has become more than 50 thousand users, with a rating reaching 4.2 and positive reviews from users.

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