Find out the following Free WIFI Coffee Shop Business Capital!


The development of the era of the food and beverage business continues to be a business that has great and profitable opportunities. For example, opening a coffee business that is liked by young people to adults. People are certainly curious how much the free wifi coffee shop business capital is seeing how many people have practiced it. Check out reviews about the capital to build a coffee shop business, namely:

1. Coffee Shop Decoration

Decoration is also an important thing in the business capital of a free wifi coffee shop. With the decoration is expected to provide customer comfort or attract more customers. The arrangement of decorations must be made attractive and beautiful, of course this will incur costs. Such as buying tables, chairs, lamps and others can be estimated at five to ten million.

Buy chairs and tables with good quality so that they are durable and long lasting. A little expensive doesn’t matter because the goal is not to repeatedly pay for repairing damaged decorations or having to buy again to replace those that are not suitable for use.

2. Coffee Equipment and Ingredients

Making coffee certainly requires equipment such as a coffee maker, cups, spoons, plates and much more. Of course, coffee equipment and ingredients are important in a free wifi coffee shop business capital.

Without equipment and ingredients, coffee cannot be mixed and make sure the equipment purchased must be complete so as not to disappoint the buyer. It is estimated that three million or three million and a half are needed to buy equipment including the ingredients for making or blending coffee.

3. Employees

One of the other free wifi coffee shop business capital is employee salaries. It also depends on how many employees will be employed in the coffee shop. Approximately for employee salaries of one million two hundred or it could also depend on the discussion between coffee shop buyers and employees. It can also be adjusted according to how long the work is and how much work you get so that the salary you get is in accordance with the work done.

Novice businessmen can also temporarily not spend this capital first by managing it themselves. Only after the business has grown will recruit employees to be employed in the coffee shop. The existence of this makes beginners who want to open a coffee shop certainly will not object to the capital that must be spent to pay employees.


Without WIFI, of course, you will not be able to open a WIFI-free coffee shop business. It is undeniable that WiFi capital must also be taken into account to run this business. The price of WiFi depends on the type of WiFi and its advantages. WiFi expenditure is estimated at around five hundred thousand rupiah for the cheapest WiFi facility. The most expensive WIFI facility is estimated at eight million rupiah.

The choice of WiFi is according to the wishes of the businessman who wants to use WiFi at what price. See the impact of WIFI on customers to easily determine how to use WiFi.

5. Location And Promotion

There are several things that must be considered in addition to those described above, such as location and promotion. Usually a strategic location will certainly require a fairly hefty fee. The location is estimated to require funds of eight million rupiah.

Promotion is also a capital that is also considered, both promotions using flyers, banners, billboards, advertisements and much more. It can be said that the cost of promotion depends on how the promotion is chosen. The better the promotion, the more money will be spent.

That’s some capital business free wifi coffee shop which can be prepared if you want to open a coffee shop. Before opening a coffee shop, pay attention to the things that support because business does not only include capital. The goal is that the capital spent is not in vain and the business can develop into a coffee shop business that is getting bigger. Do not forget to determine a strategic location to start a business so that it is easily accessible by many people.

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