Follow These Tips! 5 Very Simple Ways to Wash Make Up Brushes

Keeping brushes clean for make-up is often forgotten and never even noticed. For this reason, we will provide some tips on how to wash makeup brushes that are often used daily.

If you could say, a dirty make-up brush is actually quite natural, because it always comes into direct contact with the ingredients of the make-up type itself. If you use it frequently and never wash it, it will most likely cause skin problems.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to keep your brushes clean in your make-up. If you still don’t know how to wash makeup brushes or clean them. Let’s continue to read the following review, yes!

How to Wash a Simple Make Up Brush?

how to wash makeup brush

So that facial skin is protected from various kinds of diseases, of course, cleaning makeup brushes is very important, isn’t it. Then how? method wash those simple makeup brushes?

1. Wet With Warm Water

The first thing you need to do is wet your makeup brush with warm water. Just wet it a little at a time, and don’t soak it too long, as this can ruin the ingredients too.

It would also be nice to give a little cleaning fluid, whether it’s from an ordinary brand or a well-known brand, to make it even cleaner.

2. Using Soap

Also wash the brush using soap on the bristles that look dirty, making sure to choose the right soap. If not, it could be that the brush you have can be damaged and can’t be used anymore.

How to apply it is quite easy, that is, rub a little soap on the tip of the bristles, then massage the area. Brush slowly and not too hard.

3. Rinse until clean

After washing it with soap, soak it for a few minutes and don’t let it be too long. Because it will damage the texture of the brush itself, it would be a shame if it was damaged too.

Rinse the brush that you washed earlier until it is clean and there is no soap left, because if there is still a lot of foam or soap, most likely the brush can’t be used anymore and easy broken later.

4. Squeeze the Water on the Brush

The next step is to squeeze out the remaining water contained in the brush that has been washed earlier. It’s true that the brush must be clean, but keeping the brush dry is also very important.

Because brushes are basically created for dry conditions, so when the brush is exposed to water, quickly squeeze it slowly, so that the water contained in it can dry quickly.

5. Avoid drying under the hot sun

It’s not just the skin, in fact the washed makeup brushes shouldn’t be exposed to the sun either. Because if exposed to too much ultraviolet light, the brush will be damaged more often and can’t be used anymore.

So avoiding it from being exposed to the hot sun, can keep the brush durable and can be used again for the next few months.

Conclusion and Closing

Those are some explanations related to how to wash makeup brushes which are simple and you can do yourself at home. But first pay attention to the types and don’t wash it wrong.

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That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading this article about how to wash this simple make-up brush!

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