Forgot the Shopee Seller Balance Pin? Here are 8 Ways to Overcome it!


For sellers at shopee, they definitely want to withdraw their account balances to their bank. But what if you forget the shopee seller’s balance pin? That must be, very troublesome isn’t it.

Therefore, we will provide some tips on how to overcome if the sellers forget the shopee seller’s balance pin. Curious, right? Let’s see the full review in the following article, OK!

How to Overcome Forgot Shopee Seller Balance Pin?

shopee seller balance pin

If the shop owners forget the shopee seller’s balance pin? Don’t worry, we’ve researched and summarized it, so that shop owners don’t get confused anymore. So don’t linger any longer, let’s see the full discussion in the following article.

  1. First, please open the Shopee application and login using the Shopee Sales Account that you want to clear
  2. Then select the “Me” menu located in the lower right corner
  3. Enter the “My Store” menu offered by the menu in the upper left corner
  4. There will be several menus here you select the “Seller’s Balance” menu
  5. After entering the Seller Balance menu, you select the settings menu in the upper right corner
  6. In the Seller Balance Settings menu, you select the “Change Seller Balance Pin” menu
  7. Here you will be notified to enter a verification code in place of the Seller Balance PIN sent by Shopee to your mobile number, then enter the verification code and click “Continue”
  8. Create a new seller pin in the form of 6 unique numbers which is not easy for others to guess but you always remember the number if you have clicked “Confirm” now you have successfully overcome seller pin balance and can withdraw seller balance.

If you already know how to overcome forgetting to pin the seller shopee In this case, we will also discuss how to withdraw the funds that have been collected into your personal account. So keep reading this article until the end.

How to Find Shopee Seller Balance

shopee seller balance pin

  • Please enter the Shopee application then enter the “Me” menu and select “my shop”
  • Then click “Seller’s Balance”
  • Click the “Withdrawal” menu
  • Select the destination account, enter the withdrawal amount or can also check the current balance withdrawal to withdraw all seller balances
  • Then confirm the withdrawal or disbursement of the balance by entering the Shopee Seller Balance PIN.

Please note the duration of the withdrawal of Shopee seller balances depends on the bank account used. Where BCA, BNI, BNI Syariah, BRI and Mandiri take 1 day. While for other banks it can take 1 to 7 working days.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to overcome forgetting a shopee seller’s balance pin, it’s quite easy, not the explanation above.

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